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register/submission,verification control-Am I the only one that is having this issue.

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I am looking at a project right now that has 316 submitted and 35 verified, and this is not a platform that has high fail rate. 
How do you setup this program to hit a certain number of verified links without it registering to 10 times as many links as you would prefer.  Is it futile to try and hit target numbers without the excess registration?  Do I need to pick another software and just use SER for second tier linking?  It is already trouble some because of the profile links that change.I have asked what is the best way to use this so that I can get into the mind frame of the developer but as I have stated no other software works in this manner.  I mean you tick what you want in other softwares.  If it registers it registers and if it doesn't then it doesn't. 

Is there actually away to control the registration?  I know that you can set it to where it submits to a certain number of sites, but from what I am gathering submitted means registered and not actually content submitted to a web page.  Since this is the case then the number submitted is irrelevant because if the software stops on say 100 submitted for the day then no content was submitted so you can't control how many links get verified. 

I mean I just wish I had more control over how many sites get registered; and how many sites get submitted to rather than letting this go and then in 20 mintes it has submitted (which means registered to 500 sites) when I only want say 50 to 75 links.  .


  • that is the nature of submitting / verifiying

    turn the project to verify only
    and wait till the submitted stabilizes

    but I have a feeling that when project is not submitting
    verified links will only increase by no more than 5%

  • I have a project that I just started less than 5 minutes ago.  I have 286 submitted 0 verified. 
  • My opinion- and it is just my opinion.  There needs to be more control in the submission/verification portion of the projects.  Just my opinion-I am so hooked on this now that I just watch it drain captcha accounts wit the hope that one day this powerful piece of software will work the way that I want it to-I have used so many tools, and I have yet to find one like this.  dunno
  • The problem is you can't control how the target URL works. Some are moderated, some sent the verification email later than the other, sometimes you just realise that you can't post to a site after registration,....
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    And that is understandble.  Here''s my thing.  I am aware that what you are saying is true.  To overcome this you take verified urls from a previous project and import them as a target list. Run the project using global site list only.  Same results.

     It should at least minimize this as I decided to only use my verified list as global site list.

      I totally see what you are saying though and I realize that there isn't  need for this thread because they way it is is the way it is.  I give up-I am on to the next.

     I honestly feel that this is a great software there is no denying that, but as I have said with a good list as in post to these sites only, and this amount only doesn't seem like it is unreasonable to ask for, because the I look at it is even if I set verify only 10 links this software has registered to 500 sites and submitted content to who knows how many before it says aha I was supposed to stop at 10. 
  • I think what your looking for is for ser to work a single thread. Sign up, post, check for link and move to the next.... this way, u will get a defined link count but of course the issue would be speed :)
  • Not exactly;    create x amount of accounts and then stop.   But instead of totally stopping verify those accounts and submit content.  disregard the ones that aren't valid.  One can then look and see what needs to be done after that.  I can't form a strategy to create links at a certain number.  I mostly use this for my clients. 
  • I can't wrap my head around 215 submitted and only 11 verifed.  just doesn't make sense. 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Interesting feature idea "Create XXX number of accounts & pause YYY" :-) (for profile creations)
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