Selfhosted cms platform/engine that creates subdomains per blog

I'm looking for a self-hosted platform, cms, blog portal script that creates subdomains/blog. Like a web2.0 platform! (something like blogger, wordpress free hosted blogs, etc) but, I'm interested to host it my own domains.

I'm looking for a platform that can create blogs in subdomains and not in a subdirectory.
Please let me know if you know something like that.



  • Tim89Tim89
    edited January 2014 Accepted Answer
    Someone created a thread about this, I remember seeing it, they managed to create a script, a completely new platform, and it worked pretty well, exactly what your looking for..

    not sure where the thread is though, his aim was to install this cms on all of his self owned domains, then import this list of sources into SER to auto post to, he also said he was going to share his domains for others to post to but I guess he either made a million, or dropped the idea.
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