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I Really Need Help Configuring GA

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I am pretty much done with GA. I can't seem to get any links. I have a
feeling it must be the way it is configured. I have private proxies
(not working in GA), a Private Server (Hostamus), and I have spun all
the important content. My website is going down in the SERPs not up. I
am getting very few links. And I use Captcha Sniper.

Can someone help me set this up correctly?




  • Hi, have you see this tutorial???

    please take your time to see the basic tutorial so you can familiarize with this incredible seo tool.

    All my site was hit top 30 of the google and some of then was at top 10 of google. Also, I have a site and mainly using GSA for build the backlink, now the site is on #8.

    All i do is configure my GSA according to those tutorial that @Sven give us.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Maybe post some of your settings, etc because we can't help you if we don't know how you have it setup.
  • edited October 2012
    Dear LostGringo,

    "I am pretty much done with _____"

    No matter what you are "done with" -- by saying that -- you are already fighting an UPHILL battle and have literally accepted defeat.

    I've been at this game since 2000 -- that's 12 years.

    I gave up over 20 times in the course of 4+ years -- but I came back no matter what.

    I could tell you stories of what happened thereafter, much of which you would likely toss out as unbelievable.


    What I learned is I never failed at anything.  I only made distinctions -- and through those distinctions, I made less and less mistakes along the way.

    You did the right thing by asking -- so we can pull you back in, make some adjustments and, thus, help you out.

    So -- just let us know what settings you have and walk us through like we were looking over your shoulder.

    Also -- HOW are you building links to your money site and are you building Tier 2 links (building links to your links).

    In other words, the first level of links that you are building to your website, WHAT KIND of methods are you using in SER?

    Articles, blog comments, guestbook, etc.???

    The first tier should ultimately be quality stuff like article directories and web 2.0 -- while the second and third tier can be LESS quality stuff like blog comments, social bookmarking, trackback, guestbook, etc.

    The dude that produced the video tutorials for GSA has a member that posted a two hour free course on how to structure your backlink plan.

    If you are getting low quality backlinks to your money site, not using varied anchor text, not using multiple pages other than your home page, then there may ALSO be a problem in HOW you are utilizing the tools.

    Just doing basic setup without the knowledge that will have Google slapping your site left and right -- and hitting the go button can be worse.

    Doesn't matter whether you use GSA SER, SEnukeX, Magic Submitter, Sick Submitter or any other tool that automates backlink building en mass.

    So if you can give us some deep insight -- more than just telling us the proxies and failure rate -- so we can MEANINGFULLY help you, that would be awesome in helping out the LostGringo... :-P
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - would love to hear your thoughts on how to structure a GSA project to moneysite and tiers. Can you shoot me a PM with a rough guideline? Haven't seen you too much on this forum but it sounds like you know what you're doing and I'd be really interested to hear your ideas. :-)
  • I'm new here -- but I blend in as if I've been here for years!  (kidding)  ;-)

    Yeah -- I've done a few things online here and there.  :-P

    Do I talk from experience and being in the trenches?

    Yup (and I'll skip the details cuz I could write a book on it)!

    Anywho -- check out my response here:

    The answer then leads to another thread where I touch on it more.

    Ultimately -- Tier 1 is HIGH QUALITY -- Tier 2 is lower quality that supports Tier 1 links and boosts power of Tier 1 links to your site (money site).  Tier 1 stuff should ultimately rank in time and becomes an additional source of traffic -- which is powered by Tier 2 and Tier 3 links the branch out further and further.

    So Tier 1 is basically made up of Article Directories and Web 2.0.

    Stack everything else as far as engines in GSA on top of Tier 1 links.

    I just think stuff like Guestbook and Blog Comments are so LOW VALUE -- especially if you don't create your own custom comments -- that you're taking a HUGE risk having those point at your money sites.  Why let your own site be collateral damage -- point those low value links at other people's sites like your Tier 1 links.  You see, article directories already have so many SCRAPERS that are re-hashing content and PORTAL SITES that are scraping a paragraph of content with an inbound link to the directory that a LOW VALUE link to that article directory or web 2.0 is like a drop in the bucket on Google's radar.  So whatever discounted links fall will likely not hurt the article directory or web 2.0, and the links that do get counted by Google will basically BOOST the power of your Tier 1 highly relevant anchor text links pointing at your site.

    I hope that made because I'm so brain dead that I just can't re-read my stuff right now --

    Can anyone say -- BREAK TIME?!?!?!?    @-)
  • First of all, you say you have private proxies not working in GSA? Are they working anywhere else? Dead proxies will end up with lots of 'download' failed.
  • I found out that my 10 proxies gotten for cheap were rubbish -- and 24 hours later -- 8 of them do not work.

    Bah humbug!

    Off to take Ozz's recommendation on proxies.

    Yes -- bunk proxies will make your life hell -- and I have a feeling that trying to run GSA on HMA isn't fairing to well -- but then again I don't know what kind of SUCCESS RATES other folks are having.

    Inquiring minds want to know... :D
  • Looks like we've lost LOSTGRINGO somewhere in the internet wind...
  • I get around 10000 submissions per day. That has now nearly doubled since I turned off verify links. But I don't care about PR settings, or outbound link settings and I use a long list of spammy type keywords. I use English search engines and leave everything else set to the default settings.
  • "download failed" -- that's what I keep getting a LOT -- with HMA and even these proxies.
  • Don't use HMA. It's rubbish now. Most of their IPs are banned and overloaded now. It used to be good, but now isn't worth the money. I use and mine are fine. Have you tried it without proxies? How many threads are you running? You might be using too many threads for your VPS. I have 75 threads on a quad core 4gb RAM VPS with 100MPS internet speed. That seems to max out the CPU to about 90% but it's downloading the websites just fine.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    you could also change your html timeout in -> options -> submission to 140-180.
    also options -> filters -> maximum size of download to 1 or 2 mb. this could help if your proxies can't download that fast. instead of downloading for ever you skip the target url which might been blasted to death anyway (which causes a huge file size).
  • @camuk -- point taken on HMA.  I only use like 10 threads to keep it real slow using HMA -- was at 25.  I do not use a VPS as I've got 3 boxes at home on a top tier AT&T cable modem 24mbps internet connection.  Two of the computers are 64-bit Quad Core 8GB Intel Core2 processors, however, one is dedicated to video editing and production.  The other is a 32-bit Duo Core 4GB 2.53 GHz that is CURRENTLY running GSA.  However, GSA  is about to be transferred over to the Quad Core 64-bit machine with 8gb on it because I can't run Magic Submitter together with GSA at the same time and I'm scheduling a bunch of stuff and the 4GB machine runs out of memory quick on GSA.  So I don't think that 10 threads is all that much.

    @ozz -- point taken on HTML timeout and max size of dls!

    I think it's just time to head to and use them -- and cancel HMA and the $5 proxy dude.
  • It is always a good idea to run SER + CS on its own machine as long as other softwares can't make use of "detect captcha by platform". that option will give you a real boost in regards to captcha solving rate.

    proxies also will make a difference like night and day. if you want to support Sven than use the 10% discount "GSAOFF" at they provide good proxies as well, as far as i can tell.
  • @ozz

    Would I be better off going with 20 Semi Dedicated Proxies from Proxy Hub or 10 Dedicated Proxies ???

    Gratitude for the Ozz
  • @ozz

    As I had mentioned in another thread about CS -- if I attempt to uncheck "Use Hosts File Redirect" -- then I get a Runtime Error 53 and CS crashes.  I've tried it without SER loaded, while it was loaded -- doesn't matter.

    Could there be something in my host file that may be crashing it? 

    Maybe CaptchaSniper will pipe in here and give the good word
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    >Would I be better off going with 20 Semi Dedicated Proxies from Proxy Hub or 10 Dedicated Proxies ???

    I use Semi Dedicated Proxies and I'm satisfied with the results. But I think that 10 dedicated are the better solution as you can customize your settings accordingly without the danger for being banned from google search, PR check or reCaptcha for instance. 

    If you have only used 10 threads so far you are able to easily use 25 threads now with 10 dedicated. Just make sure that you choose proxies that are in the same area/country than your server/work station is because of the ping times.
    Server in Europe = EU proxies
    Server in US = US proxies

    PS: I'm testing some proxies for S4nt0s today. They are performing very well so far and maybe I can recommend those. But I don't know what these proxies cost nor knowing the provider, but they are slightly different to the standard proxies.
  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement.  I am back again.  I have since changed my VPS as the one I was using was very slow.  I am now with Poweruphosting.  I want to import my data and options from the old server.  I have exported them, but it seems like I cannot import them on the new server.  The options I can import but not the data. Do any of you have an idea how I can do this?

    Thanks again for all your advice and help,



  • @fullspeed

    Do not want to hijack the thread so if you can PM me your answer to my question. much appreciated ?

    1) Any particular reason you are using Magic Submitter ?

    2) "and cancel HMA and the $5 proxy dude" - Are you referring to the warrior forum $5 proxy dude ?
    Did you find the service lacking or the proxies not performing very well ?
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