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How does SER work with Sitelists?

@Sven: Without giving away the secret sauce, if SER has search engines turned off, how does it find links in the sitelist? Is it brute force, or is there some sort of database that keeps track?  How does SER know when a link has been used already? Tring yo figure out how to increase LPM and verified success with Site Lists.

Is there any correlation between an IP Address and a link getting submitted/verified? Do some engines, besides the Web 2.0 properties, deny a submission based on IP Address?

How can we get more verified links from Social Network Engines? Is it a captcha challenge? 

 How about Article engines besides Expression Engine and Drupal? They account for the vast majority of my contextual links.


  • SvenSven
    A project has two files where it stores already parsed sites. *.hosts_done and *.urls_done. It's sorted by alphabet and before each submission starts, it is checked on those two files.
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