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Q/A Sites

Hey Guys, not sure if anyone can help with these but they are seem to be extremely powerful contextual links at the moment...

Q/A type sites..

some allow for URLs in the profile, but the big bank comes from creating questions and answering them using anchor text...

I believe that if sven can get these going, no one will question (no pun) the power of GSA


  • Quick checked the first two of those platforms. They seem to be like a nice addition to SER and not "too" complicated. This will need another text field in the project I suppose as all titles need to be in question format.

    I noticed profile links for Question2Answer and contexual links as well:
  • I think they would be a great addition if this can be done..  the issue is that you need to create two different IDs one that will post a question.. the other to post an answer...  

    does that make sense??
  • I too would love to see the inclusion of q&a sites into SER. Like saasy said, it can get a bit complex with having to create two profiles, one to ask the question and one to answer the question, but the power of that would be amazing. this is obviously just speculation but a service running over at bhw is doing this but with humans and they charge for it as well.
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2019
    Some footprints:

    However, since we need a question- and an answer-account there is no way I know of how to write a script for those sites.
  • hmmm... was thinking about this a bit...

    I guess it would be fine NOT to create both...  just one profile and post answer based on keywords for the question??  does that make sense???

    so search for footprints and create profile...  once that is done search URL for keyword and paste funky answer....  that is doable as well...  might be considered spam and stickiness will suffer..  but doable..  i think??

  • SvenSven
    I have bookmarked this but right now I got no time to code new engines. If noone wants to code them you have to wait till there is a bit more freetime on my end.
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