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I want to know how the priority is weighted. 

Lets say I have 4 projects running with 100 threads. I suppose if all projectcs have the same priority each one of them will use 25 threads. How would it change for each project if all project use different priorities (highest, high, low, lowest)? Is there a broad rule?


  • Would be interested too in this topic. Because there where so many guestbook backlinks, I've excluded guestbooks from my main project and let it run as a seperate project with the lowest priority. But as far as I could see there are still much more than any other plattform.
  • SvenSven
    The priority setting has nothing to do with threads that the project get. It's more a system-thread-priority. Meaning that the projects with the highest priority get the most cpu time so they can process things faster than others.
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