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Running CB on a stand alone machine

Hey @sven, How would I go about setting up my CB on a centralised machine and have SER on a seperate machine to request captcha solving from CB on another machine, like a proper webserver, can this be done easily? or does CB need to run off the same machine as SER, I want to split resources up by running CB on an idle machine so I can run SER at much higher threads.

both machines are on the same internet connection, using the same router however they are not set up on a LAN.

thanks in advanced


  • SvenSven

    It can be setup as you want but requires a bit of a hastle on setting it up.

    1) in CB you need to set things up to not run on IP but

    2) on all machines you want to run SER with that remote CB you need to modify the host file to point the captcha services to that external IP where CB runs on.

  • Tim89Tim89
    thank you @sven
  • if both machine all on the safe connection, then the speed will drop down ,right ?
  • SvenSven
    yes speed is of course slower here as a real network transaction is used.
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