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Dating blogging platforms

I have found three dating platforms that allows to post articles and there are some pretty good amount of targets:



"Powered by Skadate"
Lastest Blog Posts "User Blogs"
inurl:"member/join.php" "Upload Photo" "Your match age range" "Powered by Skadate"
inurl:member/blogs.php "Powered by Skadate"
"Powered by SkaDate dating software"




"Powered by vldPersonals"
inurl:/blogs "Powered by vldPersonals"
inurl:/account/register/ "Powered by vldPersonals"




"Powered by eMeeting"
"Powered by eMeeting LLC"
"Powered by eMeeting Ltd"
"Dating Software Powered by eMeeting LLC"

Dating Software Powered by eMeeting LLC
Dating Software Powered by eMeeting LL
Example: or


  • Sorry but i don't understand what you mean? Are this footprints good or not? Does is really possible to insert articles into this sites? Or you just posting and promote your dating websites?
  • @dimcik: He's obviously suggesting new engines to be added to GSA (thanks @peisithanatos!) and not promoting any sites. If you were to promote your site, would you publicly post footprints of it?
  • edited December 2013
    I didn't tell nothing but, just asking. Becouse it will be nice to have also dating engines, can help a lot for dating websites, and i am near to have one.

    And if i scrape this footprints with scrapebox than i can have backlinks from this websites importing the list in GSA?
  • edited December 2013
    @dimcik You will when/if those engines appear on GSA, not at the moment because they are not currently supported. They are contextual platforms but also have profiles and even a forum so waiting to @Sven magic to see what kind of backlinks could we get from there.
  • SvenSven
    Skadate - gave up on that as it has way to many different variations where every type has to be filled correctly.
  • SvenSven

    Skadate - to complicated to setup as many different data for each site who all have to be filled properly

    vldPersonals - added in latest release

  • As it isn't currently in Captcha Breaker, here is a quick definition for the vldPersonals captcha at 98%
  • SvenSven
    @cherub thanks a lot...also prepared something for it but with 100% solve rate ;) Anyway yours is welcome as well...more samples to test on.
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