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Article Spinning

Is there anyway that we could have the option of changing the order of the paragraphs randomly in an article? The goal is to reduce the chances of creating a footprint for duplicate content.


  • SvenSven
    you can change the variable in the engines to "auto modify=1". But as many people complained about it it was set to 0 (disable).
  • Sven, how do you do this? How do you change the variable in the engines to automodify=1?

  • you have to open the *.ini files of the correspending engine with an editor and change the value by hand.
    just double click the engine in your project setting and the editor should pop up.
  • So this works for all the engines for articles and web 2.0s. Anything else?

    And changing this randomly changes the order of the paragraph (even if you input the article in spintax) right?

    Would there be a future update where a setting like this can be done - there's a lot of Web 2.0s and Article engines!

    GoogleGoogler, do take note of this in your training :)

  • SvenSven

    Most people don't want this as there articles are usually correct on the paragraphs. I will not make this optional. Though you can also use spinning for random paragraphs like...

    { |


    The above would randomly insert a space or a new line.

  • Thats pretty clever. I think it's easier than to modify all the engines
  • Just to confirm, "auto modify=1" changes the ORDER of the paragraphs or just does randomization of paragraphs in other ways (not necessarily changing the order). Because using
    { |


    won't change the order.

  • SvenSven
    auto modify puts random line feeds into it.
  • { |


    Yes this wont change the order but it will make it more unique. As a matter of fact I thought about a better one. Put the article in word, use find and replace and replace every period with:
    {. |.


    Make sure you add any links after doing this and not before.
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