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[Needed] Select Search Engines by Language

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests

Hello Sven,

English is only a part of your market, there are many other languages, as Russian, Italiano, Español, Polski, Deutsh, and many others...

Some of your customers need to have the possibility to target certain foreign markets by publishing links, articles, texts, etc... targeted by their respective languages.

So, could you add this option?


Options > Search Engines to use > (right clic on search engines list) > Check all with English language

Could you add a new option:

"Check by Language"?

The same way you created the option: "Check by country".

Sorry Sven, I don't found a list of search engines sorted by languages, however, Google's Advanced Search offers this possibility.

SEO SpyGlass has this kind of list (Search Engine/Country/Language) however, I cannot extract it.

Here is what I found:

Thank you,



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