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Here is how you can get LPM of close to 60 with 45,777 unique domains with a PR 10 dofollow link.



  • @sagarpatil
    I am working on an upgrade for the existing list should be able to release by monday though. 
    @alexander34 What are you talking about? How can you simply throw around accusations like that? I have personally scraped and verified the lists with a lot of effort. If you come and throw around accusations like that it is not very professional. People who have bought the list here have been very happy. If you have a problem with the list please let me know, instead of acting unprofessional like this. Yes, there might be a few URLs which might be the same cause well, we scrape from the same search engines. Do you have any proof to prove that our list is the same?

  • @johnmiller Sending you a PM now. 
  • After some days, you STILL didn't provide the account data. What's the problem? When this is you personal list, you can send the account data. you asked for my email again, i provided it, no response.
  • @bekkolt. I already sent you the account data and you even thanked me for it mate! Wait I will send it to you again now. 

  • edited December 2013
    no, you didn't send it. i thanked you for writing me a message here to ask for my email again.

    but nevertheless, now account data was sent. thanks - if there will be a next list, i will buy it. thumps up.

  • @bekkolt Thanks for that :) 
  • Could you come back to me about my issue with the verified links for social networks & article platforms? We once talked on Skype and we discussed about only getting 600 verifieds for socials / articles and you told me via e-mail to run a test and let me know, still waiting for the reply.

    Must admit success rate has not been great as explained, anybody else might share their results, especially for social / article ?
  • @theseo1

    Please check your email. 
  • I did last email was the one about a week ago replied again.
  • Hi, I have bought the upgraded list but didn't receive it yet. Please check your email.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Do you have a new list for this month?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    No update?
  • Send me payment instructions please
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