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Here is how you can get LPM of close to 60 with 45,777 unique domains with a PR 10 dofollow link.

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Hi all,

No fancy sales copy here. I am here to sell my GSA verified list and below are the details:

Why should you buy this list?

This list will help you achieve amazing LPM. I have achieved as much as 60 LPM on ALL platforms, which I think is pretty
reasonable ( but I had a pretty powerful server ) . I have also sorted this list according to PR and according to platforms so if you are looking for only a 
particular type of links then you can do that too. 

Who should buy this list? 

People who do not have the time or the resources to create such a list. I have a pretty powerful server and have used all kinds
of captcha services and close to 200 private proxies to get this list so that you don't have to.It will save you both time and money. 

What is in the list ? 

There are 45,777 unique domains in the entire list. The breakdown of the entire list is here:

The PR breakdown of the domains is here : 


YES! There's a PR 10 Domain name and the backlink you get is do follow!

Here is the breakdown of all the platforms : 

If you want me to scrape more URLs from this list I can do it for you

How can I use this list?

However you want it to. I typically use it for churn and burn and I have been rather successful with this list. I have also used it for
tiered link building which again has given me positive results. 

How much does this list cost? 

The list costs only $39. Send the money via paypal to and I will send you the 
list within 24 hours. This list will be sold to a limited number of people to maintain the quality of the list.

How can I contact you? 

You can either post here, PM me here or send me an email at . 

What about refunds? 

Sorry there will not be any kind of refunds. Once the list is sold and I have delivered the list to you, I cannot give you any refunds. 



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