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Tier 1 Content

Short of purchasing Spun Articles, can anyone make any suggestions for Tier 1 Content? Kontent Machine 3 produces unreadable nonsense, and the same is true for Rankwyz.

Maybe it's the way I am using the tools. My niche is in the IT space, and I haven't got a lot of options at this point. I'd like to be able to prepare a readable, nicely spun article in less than half an hour. Am I delusional?


  • goonergooner
    Article Builder - You can prepare a nicely spun readable article in less than half a minute.
    Depends on how specific you want the article to be, but if you're happy with general articles it works perfectly.
  • How quick can you type? LOL

    30mins might be pushing it, but one 500 word article, with each sentence rewritten twice, and then spun on the word/phrase level with word AI Turing would get you decent content that's good for a few 100 articles.

    I don't use it, but I've also heard good things about article builder, so maybe look at that if it covers your niche?
  • Article builder doesn't cover my niche.
  • goonergooner
    edited November 2013
    That's too bad, you said your niche is IT... they do have related niches. Personally i would just pick something that is close enough.

    For example, i have a site in let's say "Security Guard Training" - I would just choose "College" as the topic in Article Builder. That works fine for me and i've done that across numerous niches.

    But it's up to you of course.
  • @gooner how is the uniqueness of these articles from AB.. Because many people might be using the same article..Are they recommended for tier 1 ? Do they index well?? Thanks...
  • goonergooner
    @stallion316 - You can get choose a couple of different options for uniqueness, if you choose expanded superspun content it's pretty much 100% unique but not 100% error free, still readable though.

    Or you can go with standard superspun content, with gives you 60 - 90% uniqueness and reads perfectly. That's the option i use.

    It indexes fine, actually where i've got multiple sites in the same niche. I've re-written content to the roughly the same level of uniqueness and they ranked fine too.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013

    If you don't want to/cant go the article builder route, and you don't want to buy spun articles, then IMO (and I've researched this a lot for myself) a bit of manual work along with Word AI is the only viable way to go.

    The amount of work really depends on how many articles you want to produce from one seed spintax though.

    If you just want to produce a couple of articles then you could just input an article and use the turing spinner to create a couple of variations (would take a few minutes).

    If you wanted more, then you could scrape a few articles, use a paragraph from each, spin them together and use the turing spinner to create a spintax that would give you say (off the top of my head) 50 articles that are unique enough to get indexed, and good enough to pass moderation. - this would probably take about 20 mins.

    The next step up would be to spin them how I said in my original reply, which would create hundreds, but would probably take around 45 mins.

    There's a 3 day trial period on the software, so maybe check it out and see if it works for you?

  • @gooner and @stallion316 - could one of you guys take a look at article builder and tell me if they have enough articles in the Desktop Computer and Web Hosting space to make it worth my while? I can only run so many articles on "How to Find a Hosting Company"
  • goonergooner
    @satans_apprentice - I don't think you can actually see how many articles they have.

    But you can spin 20 together which gives you 1000s of combinations and you can repeat that process over and over. It seems to be a totally different 20 articles each time.

    As an example, i have a couple of sites that i post the content to directly just to bulk up the site a bit. It's produced about 70 unique articles so far, so i think there is plenty of content there.

    Hope that helps.
  • @gooner so gooner, "Or you can go with standard superspun content, with gives you 60 - 90% uniqueness and reads perfectly. That's the option i use."

    I have been looking into using WordAI I heard it is good, but still need an article builder first. Do you recommend using this, Article Builder, and then using wordAI? I was unaware that it already spins it for you, and I dont want to spin things twice and make them unreadible. I was looking for something that builds an article but doesnt spin them (or if you think the above mentioned is fine). Tier 1 content, web 2.0s stuff.
  • What about Get Article (free no need for Pro) > Word Ai Bulk Spin > use %spin folder% so SER can pull randomly spun articles from a file.

    That's what I do and it works nicely.
  • sry to ask a noob question... How do u insert links in those articles ?
  • goonergooner
    @tsaimllc - I think as long as the content is not 100% duplicated and is readable then it's fine. I don't have any evidence but i really believe the content on tier 1 makes little difference in terms of rankings.

    So the quicker i can generate content, the better for me. Article Builder takes 30 seconds to generate an article and you can generate un-spun articles too if you want. Up to 20 articles at one time. Again it takes 30 seconds.

    Next project i will use 100% scraped content and see if it makes any difference.

    Of course, crap content will not pass human review and will be deleted more quickly probably.
  • SER does it for you, in the anchor text field and the URL field. I know you can mess about and put various macros (search in this forum, I don't know for certain what the exact macro is) to insert links in certain parts of the text, but I just mix it up a bit with SER choosing where it puts the link, either middle or end of the article or random places. Most of my SER usage is for T2+ so I'm not that fussed.
  • Hmm, I was unaware it wasnt that important. I was always under the impression it should be top notch, and 100% related. I saw AB doesnt have exactly my niche, im not sure I want to use generic content or not.
  • @gooner , "Next project i will use 100% scraped content and see if it makes any difference." isnt AB technically scrapped content too?
  • goonergooner
    edited December 2013
    @tsaimllc - I'm not sure if they scrape or i think i read they had a team of writers. I'm not sure.

    But what i mean is next time i will 0% unique content to see what happens. AB is 60 - 90% unique.

    Also, i use 60-90% unique content on my money site sometimes, re-write my own content and it ranks fine. So i don't think it will be a problem on tier 1.
  • ronron
    These conversations about quality content just seem to go on and on.

    I always use spun content for my T1 on all valuable moneysites. No, Google cannot tell if it is quality content, and no, Google doesn't grade you on quality.

    The only reason to worry about quality content is because a web 2.0 site manually reviews your content, and you would be at risk of having the property deleted. So if you are going for difficult, quality, properties then it makes sense to explore this.

    ^^This is the way it works. Sorry to burst any bubbles with the 'T1 Quality Crowd'.

    With respect to the OP's question, it will be pretty difficult to find that niche already spun somewhere. There are a few people on SEO forums that will write a sentence spun article on your topic for something like $40 (I know I saw that somewhere, probably Traffic Planet).
  • goonergooner
    Well there you go, no more questions! :D hehe
  • edited December 2013

    Good point, @ron

    I remember a thread where you and @bekkolt discussed this same thing (I'll edit this post to include the link). I've been meaning to try his method, because it's such a cut-throat approach. If the target urls allow spam submissions without moderating, why bother to be concerned about your content's quality, so long as it's unique. And Google can't tell that "My napkin shoots computers" doesn't make sense.

    Now, is it more potent if the content is niche related rather than gibberish? I don't know. @bekkolt said he had great success with his method.

    Here's a tip to get your content to stick on a forum and sneak pass the moderators:

    Create a new thread and post a niche related post. You don't want your thread to be popular, so post something simple, or a question that can be easily answered. Don't bump your thread unless it's to say thanks to someone who answered the question.

    Let your thread be forgotten as it reaches page 2 or 3 (or further if you want).

    Edit your thread when you think no one will be posting to it anymore and put in the content you want and insert your anchor text.

    Maybe that's too manual for some, and it requires some time, but it's good for a tier 1, especially if it's on a high PR forum.

    Edited to add link:

  • ^Very fascinating link/post.
  • ronron
    The content must always be niche related. That's why KM and all the other content generators are so valuable. Your content is spot-on.
  • But that guy just said he uses garbage!
  • What is AI Turing?
  • ronron
    I just wanted to make a point about 'unreadable' content.

    Readability in content means that it was copied. Meaning duplicate content. There is no product that can create unique readable content. Impossible. The technology doesn't exist. If it did, Google would have it and we would all be busted.

    The issue people should be concerned with is uniqueness. Who gives a crap if it is readable. There is no penalty for gibberish.

    However, you are totally f**ked if you sacrifice uniqueness for readability. If it lacks uniqueness, you may not get penalized - but one thing for sure - you will not rank.

    It is a sliding scale:
    High readability = Low Uniqueness
    Low Readability = High Uniqueness.

    You can beat your head into a pulp on this issue, and search forever to try and find some new product that gives you readable text. Everybody here should just pay me $50, and I will personally provide you readable content. I will just copy it from somewhere. Oops, that what you guys want the content software to do. Gulp!

    I think you get my drift. If you must have good content for T1 (to get past moderators), then you hire somebody to spin or do it yourself.

    There are only two places I know of where you can get really lucky if they have your niche: Article Builder and The Leading Articles. Other than that, either you're spinning or your hiring.
  • @ron just nailed it so well. Spend money on those good articles for your money site, not your Tier1 or contextual tiers content! They would be hardly read by.  Your key focus needs to be on MS and as Ron said, low uniqueness will hardly get you ranked for.
  • WordAI is the best for high uniqueness and decent readability. I use it on my money sites on pages where I'm not trying to convert visitors. If it indexes, it's unique enough. @ron, what % uniqueness is normally "okay" with you?
  • ronron
    I think anything over 70% is good. Some of my sentence spun articles are 200%+ but those are human spun.

    I just think there is an overall priority level when it comes to readability. The only two places where I care about readability are the moneysite, and difficult, human moderated web 2.0's. I like Article Builder and Leading Articles for this.

    For everything else, the KM (insert your content manager) spins are perfect. I never understood why someone thinks that if an article is more readable, then that is better. You either need a readable article for the reasons I mentioned, or you don't. But it doesn't help you to have a more readable article for links that simply don't require it.
  • @ron google published a patent about identifying gibberish content on 8 oct 2013
    Since last 2 months i noticed it's way harder to rank using crap content (content scraped and shuffled) on T1.
  • ronron
    edited December 2013

    Nice find. I know that one day spins will be detected. But I can almost guarantee that when the technology exists to detect gibberish, then there will be a tool (using the exact same technology) to create 'acceptable' spun content from a seed article. It has to work both ways because that is nearly the same technology.

    I don't believe for one second that spun content is making it harder to rank. It is getting harder to index crap properties which makes things more difficult. Plus, the algo changed, so how you get rankings needs to be changed.

    Every time somebody has a hard time ranking, they immediately claim spun content on tiers is the killer. I make a full time living at this, and all I use is spun tiers. I have failed websites probably 40% of the time, and not once did I ever think the content was to blame for my failed sites. There are so many factors including competition, websites that have killer natural links that you can't beat, etc. Or you can trip a filter without even knowing it. Or your anchors might be too high %. There are so many factors.

    One day they will figure out the spins (and without nuking people just because they have crappy grammar). Until then, full speed ahead. 

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