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  • @Ron. I just have tried this tool. Although it deleted my submitted links and very few of my verified links. After doing this, very few of my inner pages started to come up. I started to build t1 links again and using only 20% anchor text... Some of my competitors have a lot more links and did not get affected.
  • ronron
    I'm glad you posted something on this.  You may have been the only person who tried to delete their links, lol. It would be nice if anyone else could post how the delete links feature worked for them.

    I think the bottom line is in today's environment, it makes complete sense to 'have control' over your T1. There is account info stored in SER, but that would require manual intervention.
  • I actually tried this on a few sites just to see what would happen, That I know for a fact why they got penalized.

    Sure it removed a lot of links for verified and also in the submitted category.  But as far as ahrefs goes,  I saw little to no link loss,  Unless 4 weeks wasn't enough for it to show up there I dunno. 

    but results so far are kinda interesting.   So the site(s) homepage was deff penalized and the inner pages were ranking for various keywords. 

    Now,  The home page is starting to come back and starting to rank for the same keywords again,  not anything spectacular like it was but like 9th 10th page. where they were page 1 before.  But we'll see I'm gonna keep testing it. :)
  • You can't really rely on ahrefs. It's a great tool, but only picks up about 20% of the links that GWT does. As far as disconnecting links, I would be very happy if GSA could get rid of 75% of the links I would be happy. When doing link detox, you don't need to get all of them. It's been my experience that when you get your anchor text % low enough! your rankings come back to some degree.
  • Well I tried to Dilute the hell outta the anchor text I didn't really see to many changes until i started running the link removal.
  • I have a website that was recently hit by the penguin updates. I am in the process of removing links to the website as I over optimisated the anchor text a little.

    I found the link removal feature mentioned here and was wondering how it worked because for now my understanding of it is not allowing it to work for me.

    What I've done is created a new project, ticked all the associated platforms I had links built on and uploaded a long list of email accounts I used to build these links. I then imported all the verified links that were built into the project. I've then set the project to Active (D) and clicked start.

    Unfortunately nothing happens, it just says "setting up project", "starting project" and then n/a activity.

    Am I meant to do anything differently? Or can't you add a project like this with all your verified links / email addresses used to create them and click the Active (D) option?

    If anyone knows anything let me know! Thanks.
  • I think you just need to select projects, and right click status=>remove links. I played with it a little, and that seemed to work. If you deleted your projects, you might have a problem.
  • Ah yes I deleted them as I had so many different ones in there. I didn't want it to be all cluttered
  • Don't do that...
  • but ive got the email addresses and passwords for those addresses saved. I have all the verified links that were built. Why can't I just create a new project and select the delete links function.

    I would think all the delete function needs is the email address, password and where the link is in order to remove it no??
  • @sven? See previous post
  • SvenSven
    @tcsmith007 you need to import the urls as verified + import the account data a well. Than you should be able to remove links.
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