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Very strange relationship between new backlinks indexed with Incredible Indexer

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
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Hi, I recently noticed a strange thing. I started 2 campaigns for my 2 sites - one with 0 backlinks and the other with some 17 web 2.0. Everyday I check my sites links progress in Ahrefs. In my last project where I was bulding backlinks everyday I checked backlinks in Ahrefs and I saw a progress every single day - the amount of backlinks was increasing day by day. What I noticed now is that there are completely no new links in Ahrefs. Tools like Majesticseo or Opensitexplorer are slower and I don't even check my websites on them when I just started to build links, but on Ahrefs I clearly saw the progress in amount of links, anchor texts etc while I was building links to my 3rd site before and now I don't see any for both 2 I recently started to build links to. Now you can think " man, your backlinks are just not indexed yet, chill out". The problem is... I checked Tier 1 for these 2 sites with Index Check, here are the results:image. So both sites got some new links but 1st - they are not mentioned in Aherfs, despite the fact that I always follow my campaign on this links checker and always see how the amount of links goes up. 2nd thing - there are no ranking improvments at all. Don't laugh now. I know, I can't expect any ranking improvments just after a few days and I don't but always when I add some links to new website I see how Google reacts, it start to dance, but now it seems like the music is totally off... Ok and now, 1 different thing that I implemented in these 2 new campagins was Incredible Indexer. I didn't use any indexing tool before, ANY. And now I decided to use this on these 2 new sites. Results - the links are indexed, but it looks like they weren't. I really have no idea what's wrong and it doesn't look normal. Does anyone noticed something similar ?


Note: To be clear - I'm not saying that Incredible Indexer somehow hurt my links. In fact, it incredibly helped me to index more bl. (I built 2 tiers and added both to Incredible Indexer). I just noticed something strange and the only difference between sites where everything worked well and these 2 was adding this indexing tool.


Now I'm going to start 4th campaign for the site where I build only 12 links and leaved it because I thought it wasn't good time for this niche and now I want to use this site to test whether Incredible Indexer has some impact or not. I will use the same tactic I use to rank and exclude any indexing service, so only 2 tiers and will see how this site will react



  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @ron and @Satans_Apprentice I know you both guys are using this service, did you notice something similar to the problem I described ?
  • ronron

    You don't have a problem. My god, ahrefs only captures a fraction of the total links, it does not have the capacity or bandwidth that Google has to capture information. I would never use ahrefs to judge my progress - especially in the early days of a project - most of the data is missing! You need a couple months under your belt to get any useful information out of ahrefs, or majestic, or whatever.

    If I was building a massive amount of links, then maybe I would be worried about drip feeding. But for the small amount of links I throw directly at my moneysites each day, indexing immediately helps me tremendously to establish a consistent link velocity.

  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I understand that Ahrefs isn't the best tool, but as I said before, on my latest site I ranked, I was watching the amount of links going up from the first day - and I didn't built links in a aggressive way, and now there was nothing. But ok, nevermind, probably it's just my stupid panic of beginner, sorry
  • Tim89Tim89
    @grax1 if you honestly think it's your current indexing service then test it, the beauty of being a consumer is you are able to take your custom elsewhere.

    But as ron said, ahrefs/majestic isn't really a reliable index checking tool, eventhough their probably the best option for third party link checking, personally I don't use them, I have BLM and do my link analysis in house.

    Much more accurate.
  • Fact: Google is not going to trust your links immediately and give you the full benefit. This has been baked into the algorithm for quite some time. They have to age and stick around. It takes 3-4 months for all the link juice to transfer and at least 2 weeks to see any noticeable movement if you site is well behaved unless its an incredibly easy or obscure keyword. And if you're building tiers you have to into consideration broken chains and negative link loss.
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