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How to move all gsa file to new vps?

Currently i am running my gsa ser on window vps for around 1 month but not very happy with my current window vps performance. So like to know how to move all the old gsa ser file into the new window vps because i dont want to run from the start again that what i have run for 1 month?


  • I would do a

    • backup ALL on current machine = right click >modify project > backup all
    • backup settings on current machine = options > backup settings (lower left corner of page)
    • new virgin install on new VPS
    • import complete backup into new install = right click >modify project >restore
    • import settings into new install = options > restore settings (lower left corner of page)

    may be someone else has better idea, but above seems common sense to me

  • I know the backup all and restore it on new window vps but does gsa copy all the old file that have been run before and continue run it on new window vps or the backup all just copy the whole project that we have add and set but will run from beginning again on new window vps?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Just make a back up of your "Identified/Submitted/Verified" lists and once you reinstall, just paste them into the corresponding folders.
  • You mean copy this 3 lists in the gsa folder and paste it on the new window vps so that when i run gsa, gsa will continue run as before from old window vpa and will not run again from beginning?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yes, but also do your back-ups for your campaigns and settings.
  • Doing backup of settings and campaigns as hans said will backup just about everything including the site lists. I tried when I was new to do manual backup and it was very very big that even creating an archive took hours and hours just to calculate # of files inside to be processed. So just do as hans said and restore both on new VPS and you'd be perfectly good to go along with the full backup of just about everything you need (don't worry you won't lose anything).
  • You mean just backup all and also the setting and not need go into the gsa installation folder to copy "Identified/Submitted/Verified" lists?
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