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pclwebpclweb UK
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@Sven just verified thousands of links and checked through some of them and they are absolutely fine. If i didn't I would of been deleting perfectly fine backlinks. Does the verification function check the script file for certain parameters. If so i could change it to work. I knew there was a problem before when i lost thousands of links. Checking through the links i see that the page loads under 20 sec-60 sec or it loads immediately. Links mainly come from pligg, xpressengine and phpmotion sites.


  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
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    @Sven  @pclweb Verification does not work anymore for me even if i check Pause after XX verifications in a day or in XX minutes. 
    Even when i try to force the verification mode by selecting "Verify Only" in the pop=up menu of the project. By the way, when the project is in activate mode, i cannot switch to Activate (V) mode from the pop=up menu. I have to stop and then click on Verify only. Nevertheless, it does not work also.

    In the following screenshot you can see that 
    1. the project is in verification mode (Activate with dark blue background). 
    2. Some URLs have been submitted) (337)
    3. None (zero) are verified.
    4. In the log, there is no verification in progress. 

    For your information i have also tier project where i disabled verification but in this particular project i have the following setting for verification:
  • I noticed that all newly submitted Urls aren't verified whatever the project in my GSA SER.

    On the other hand, submitted URLs that have been submitted some times ago (in a previous version of GSA SER) succeed in triggering the verification process today.

    now, with new projects, submitted urls don't trigger the verification process. So, GSA submits many URLs and never stops if we setup GSA to pause after some verifications. 

    My guess: i think something happens when an update of GSA SER has been done. 

    Interestingly enough the Re=verify mode works.
  • My problems in manual project re-verification. Its not picking up all urls. Even when others on the same url are verifying fine. Also @Sven please remove the 5 second countdown box and give us time to say yes or no. I've got to watch the thing until its done. Pretty annoying. I've lost 30,000 links today and loads of them where fine. I can work on other things and then manually verify and choose whether to delete them.
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited November 2013
    I also think that if you click on status> activate (re=verify) it removes non verified URLs without prompt. 

    In the verified links pane, i see there are only 5 seconds before GSA delete the URLs that were not successful with verification. 

    I guess that if we increase the HTML timeout in the global dating, it should reduce the number of URLS that don't pass the verification test. I increased it to 100 seconds
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited November 2013
    @Sven  please don't take my comment (11:21AM) about the verification process itself above into consideration. i have to further investigate and i will create a new thread if needed
  • my verification timeout is 180 seconds but still pages are showing as red and not green. alot of the sites load immediately also. I don't use status> activate (re=verify) i use show urlt > verify> verify urls. That gives you only a 5 second box before deletion. This shouldn't be there as its a manual verification and i would like to check links/engines manually for non working. Hopefully this can be either removed or an option to turn it off.
  • SvenSven
    will remove the timer here
  • edited November 2013
    I'm having similar verification issues (not meaning to hijack your thread of course) to you guys and was just wondering if you've found any solutions yet?

    Or are your verification problems still persisting?

  • @ranksaurus_rex

    It is still persisting and i try to understand what's happen. 

    It has to do with engine types that require email verification. I have used different mailboxes from different sources but it is still the same. It does not come from emails plateforms. It is not related to spam folders also. The issue is the same with mail from / gmx / hotmail / yahoo / gmail. 

    Now, i unchecked some engine platforms to see if it is going to do something. 
  • edited November 2013

    I personally don't think that it's the engine types causing your problems.

    For example:

    - Active: Verify Only
    -The project does the first URL
    -The project dies
    -The verification swaps over to email parsing

    Then nothing happens.

    Is this similar to the problem you are having @bloupbloup?

    Previously when I've gone to verify a project, GSA has sped through my submissions and returned verified links at a very decent pace.

    Do let me know if deselecting certain engine platforms works for you - I'll be keeping two eyes on the forum over the weekend to see if there's a hot-fix!

  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited November 2013

    Same here.

    For now, no benefits in deselecting engine types.
  • Rankasaurus_Rex 

    So, i see in my logs and my mailbox that GSA visits the emails, click on the verify links (coming from forums websites for example). 

    And that's it. The number of verifications does not increase in the project column "verified". 

    Is it what you see too?
  • @Rankasaurus_Rex

    I am not that using GSA since a long time and it looks like you know the previous email verification process. 

    Before, does it mean GSA used to parse the emails, find the link to verify the account and then...

    there is a missing process for me... Did you know this missing process that carried to one verified backlink?

    thank you in advance
  • Previously GSA did the email verification process like I mentioned above (I'm guessing that's how it's meant to operate any way).

    However, recently it's being freezing about halfway through my list (4000 links roughly).

    Then it tries to parse emails, fails to do so and then continues spamming me with the 'Attention! No more links...' message.
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited December 2013
    Rankasaurus_Rex  same here. I provided to @Sven a project backup with a project that needs email verification. Let's hope he will find what is wrong !

  • FYI, i have created a thread for this issue...

    Still the issue is not fixed so i guess it is not easy. 
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