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My Spamvilla status is pending?

@Spamvilla why my status is still pending? I already sent a ticket regarding this problem but no answer at all.


  • if its not still 24 hours after you order this is normal we hold funds till 24 hours then process if paid especially with paypal also my email is fast reply then opening thread here its not our support forum its GSA Forum anyhow 7 pending orders since yesterday i m processing them atm so expect to receive your details in 1 or 2 hours
  • My service still not active and it has been 24 hours now @Spamvilla. My ticket doesn't got any answer too.
  • @Spamvilla Sent you an email to about this too but still no reply. Where's your "fast support" slogan then?
  • goonergooner
    @vahnz13 - Spamvilla put all new accounts on hold for 24 hours to avoid fraud, then then they are processed manually so altogether you have to wait about 2 days.

    I am new to service too but from what i have read support is never fast unfortunately.
  • @gooner exactly bro, their support as slow as a hell lol Also, my email was not delivered to which @Spamvilla claimed will be the fast response but nothing. It has been 2 days since I ordered my service to them, but, again, it's still pending. How about you @gooner? Your service has been activated or not?
  • I was wondering why I had not received any response to my emails, support ticket and texts! Seems like its normal for no response! I read on another thread that current subscribers have been experiencing downtime - one of them lasting two weeks, and they still had to pay their invoices! Not sure if this is really worth it! If the service is supposed to save money over DBC etc. but has many down-times (That have to be paid for with no response from @Spamvilla) then really what are the benefits? Just my two bits worth! I will wait to see if my subscription gets activated - if not I will file complaint with Paypal and move on!
  • @newbieseo I already opened a dispute yesterday and he returned my money after all. I really disappointed with their support, really fuckin slow!
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    OK Thanks @vahnz13. I am 24 hours plus since I paid with no activation so will dispute tomorrow morning! Any suggestions on a recaptcha service as 2nd (other than @Spamvilla) - GSA CB is first.
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