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Can't test email?

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I just got SER yesterday and when I created my first campagin everything went smooth and it said the email I created was tested succesfully.

A couple hours later I was changing something in the option screen on that campaign and decided to hit test again to make sure the email wasn't down, and it stated that I couldn't login. Eventhough I could just manually login on the email on Ever since then I have tried 5 different gmails, 1 hotmail account, turned off/on proxies, created a new campagin to try the email, rebooted my pc, but every single time it just sais LOGIN FAILED.

I even took a good nightsleep because I was like maybe I'm missing something, il try it again in the morning. But again it just keep stating LOGIN FAILED.
While I'm 100% sure I input the correct info;, port 995, use SSL and for the Login and password I use the login and password I can manually login on

This is really driving me crazy, and I'm thinking there is just something wrong with my pc. Because eventhough it sais login failed, it does manage to create xfire links and social network blogs ( which require email verification? ). So maybe the email setting do work but everytime I test it it just says: Login Failed.

Can someone help me with this?


  • Just an assumption, but you should check your firewall/antivirus settings. Maybe something is blocking that port.
  • I don't know if it is related, but I had the exact same problem a couple days ago. An email that I had been using for a while all of a sudden would fail every time I tested it. The next morning, it was working again. I never figured out why.
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    Yeah it's really weird because the logs just stated: Email verification completed. So the email must be working?

    Anyway I'm switching to my VPS today so hopefully I won't have the same problem there.
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