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MegaOCR not working with GSA

I just install the megaocr software and i also add the megaocr in captcha section, when i click start, it pop up a error box saying that

"Does not seem to work - Unknown Error"

I also start the megaocr as administrator.

Anyone can help here?


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    I've literally never seen anyone say 1 positive thing about MegaOCR. Spamvilla is the one true recaptcha OCR.
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    I know Spamvilla is good on recaptcha but it is only solving recaptcha and not other type captcha. Megaocr can solve around 1k type of captcha and i though i might save a lot of money on deathbycaptcha if i run the gsa non stop and you can calculate the deathbycaptcha cost if run gsa non stop.

    Anyone know how to run megaocr software with gsa ser or maybe megaocr software have problem and does anyone know the megaocr skype id?
  • i have the same problem here : "Does not seem to work - Unknown Error"

    and the software not work either keep have the problem and the support not reply my email.

    i steel waiting for them to resolve my problem.
  • If like that see who will get their reply first then post the solution here
  • SvenSven

    All GSA SER does is calling there decaptcha api on<port you set in there config>.

    So if it does not work, blame them. And yes, there service doesn't seem to be that stable. 

  • Thank you Sven for your replay since yesterday im try to contact them but i didn't get any attention or replay ftom them  and the problem is : the payment already made it buy me and the service already begin and the day pat without i get any help.
  • Now my megaocr software is working but i get around 30-40% success rate of captcha answer but most of the time the captcha answer is not correct and i thought megaocr can solve around 1k type of captcha and i cant see it.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    A regular problem with mega ocr is when you first sign up, the accounts take a while to get set up.

    Best and quickest way to get hold of them is via Skype. They are on the Belize time zone, what ever that is


    Skype contact is mega.ocr


    You might have a program using port 80

    IIS service does and I have to stop it every time I reboot my vps



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    On my window vps, i just use gsa ser, gsa captcha breaker and megaocr software.

    Any idea what other software using port 80?

    Edit: I just reboot my vps but megaocr still getting very low success rate
  • my problem is fixed now after the team of Mega OCR active my account.

    wrc1010 for  the software who use port 80 : ex : Gsa captcha breaker and other one like Skype.

    Try to make MegaOCR your first choise and gsa the second. and the best thing to do is run MegaOCR only.

    Good luck.
  • 1) Does anyone know how to use gsa captcha breaker and megaocr software with high success rate?

    2) I hear megaocr have us and eu server and can i request us server and does this help to increase the success rate?

    badrman. What is your success rate and did you get many error:captcha not answered and did you use megaocr only or with captcha breaker?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The best way for speed and believe me, I have spent time testing


    Run cb as first captcha option. That way cb will whip through captchas at the mega speed it works

    Then mega ocr as the second option to mop up what cb cant do


    Make sure you don't have cb running as a webserver

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    This is the sequence i use...1st captcha breaker and 2nd megaocr

    inside captcha breaker, i not set run it as webserver and i also add the spamvilla account on it to just solve recaptcha

    i thought if megaocr can get high success rate because it can solve over 1k captchas. i will not continue the spamvilla when expire but i still getting very low success rate on megaocr

    LeeG. Does you get high success rate on your megaocr and did you request megaocr ip from us server?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I just run mega ocr as is

    Never tried asking for a different ip for the server used

    Im more than happy with the daily results I get with ser and have had very little down time with mega ocr

  • What are your success rate?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    No idea in all honesty. But my daily verified is good

    The only way you could check what the success rate is like is if you check each and every captcha as its answered

    Did best part of 200,000 verified one day last week, which I think gives a good indication of what can be done and the system works

  • Did you check the captcha answered whether most of the captcha it solve is correct because i have low success rate and the captcha it solve also mostly not correct?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    When Im doing 100,000 to 200,000 submissions in ser in a day, checking the answers is physicaly impossible


    Another bit I forgot to mention is the order you start cb and mega ocr

    Start cb first. Let it finish loading up and then start mega ocr

    Then check that mega ocr

  • edited November 2013
    After i have chat with megaocr thru skype, they tell me to add the megaocr into captcha breaker and use only captcha breaker as first captcha service in gsa ser. Now the success rate have been increase a lot.

    On the captcha breaker options tab,
    1) Not select run as webserver
    2) Select send captcha to following captcha service if failed to solve - select megaocr
    3) Select only try to solve if the success rate is at least 10%
    4) Unknown captcha - Not select try to solve but select send to captcha service

    Is that the correct setting?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im sure Sven will correct me if Im wrong on this

    If you send captchas through cb, cb waits for that captcha to be answered before doing the next captcha

    Just glancing at mega ocr and my own average solve time per captcha is about six seconds

    In cb, my average solve time is about 0.24 seconds

    Doing it their way will, will bog you submissions down

    Im sure Sven will correct me if Im wrong on this

    If you send captchas through cb, cb waits for that captcha to be answered before doing the next captcha

    Just glancing at mega ocr and my own average solve time per captcha is about six seconds

    In cb, my average solve time is about 0.24 seconds

    Doing it their way will, will bog you submissions down

    I don't run cb as a webserver. No need to, with how Sven has programmed it

    In ser, I have mega ocr set as my second service

    That way cb does what it does best and flies through captchas

    Its not waiting on the answers from mega ocr, since that's being run as an independent captcha service

    I had to reset my vps yesterday after doing the windows updates. But since doing the reset, out of 74,000 captchas sent to mega ocr, 53,000 were answered.

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    At first i set the megaocr as my 2nd captcha option after captcha breaker but get very low success rate. Then i skype the megaocr support and he look at my vps and tell me to add the megaocr into captcha breaker and set only captcha breaker as captcha option, then the success rate increase a lot.

    I also getting around 6sec for megaocr to solve the captcha. I have use the megaocr support suggestion since morning until night now and everything is running fine.

    I wonder why need to add megaocr into captcha breaker and not set it as 2nd captcha option and i also like to know whether is many gsa user set the megaocr as 2nd captcha option in gsa ser or add into the captcha breaker and what is the success rate?
  • SvenSven
    CB gets the captcha, filters it, and replies with answer. Even though CB can do several tasks multi threaded, there are some parts who need to be done single threaded (like some filters).

  • I've got this same error when trying to run MegaOCR through CB and I can't fix it - what did you guys do to get it to work? I'm tearing my hair out here ATM.
  • @LeeG Might be interested in this service in future so wanted to ask you, what are their threads and software threads means, both are different so asking as that confused me. Btw, what plan you have with them?

    Thank you.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im a tight git. Run the cheapest basic package

    Don't want to be building too many links in a day and I do 100,000 verified a lot with nothing more than cb and mega ocr

    I push the 100,000 limit on IncredibleIndexer most days

    The way I think it works

    Active threads is how many connections at one time to their server

    Software threads is cued up captchas

    That's my own understanding of how it works

  • @LeeG So I take you never had any problems due to less number of threads that are supported by their basic package (assuming from your post that you're running the basic one)?

    Also quite a bit fan always of your submissions and verified. But I think that must take a hell a lot of several hundred projects (by each project I mean one tier 1, second tier 2 and so on) to reach that LPM and therefore submissions and verified right? And also not to mention several optimizations. Did you even edited the ini file for adding custom footprints? It's fine if that not something that can be disclosed.

    And thanks for the tip!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The basic package is all I run

    Roughly 2/3 of my captchas are done with cb, the rest with mega ocr

    LpM looks good, when I used to do 250,000 submitted in a day, the numbers were impressive.

    But, the end goal, has always been verified

    You see the posts on here all the time about high submitted and low verified.

    When I kill engines with low performance, I use the verified stats and common sense

    If you have a 70% success rate and only 50 verified, why waste time submitting to that engine, if you have another engine with 5,000 verified and a 30% success rate. All it means is the latter engine has far more targets ser can find on the net and more places to submit links

    I ran a test, by mistake and it gave surprising results, then logic kicked in to explain why

    I set one project, on all tiers, to automatic verify, rather than a custom time of 1440, like most people do

    Something I will admit to never fully understanding why so many wanted the option added and just went into silly sheep mode and used it myself. I know there was some profound logic spread at the time.

    After a month, I cleared all the dead links every where.

    That one project, had more verified on every tier. About 10k per tier, that were still live.

    The logic part, is a lot of sites will limit how long you have to verify or complete a registration

    Custom footprints, in the early days I did use them.

    But, with the way ser can be updated. Keeping up with the changes can be a time killer

    I gave up on the idea after spending a day making changes, only to have the same engine files updated the next day and from memory, two days later

    Needless to say I gave up the will to live and decided to stick with the standard ones used in ser

  • edited November 2013
    @LeeG Thanks for all those great points. And so you now set all projects to verify automatically I assume? Very interesting and makes perfect sense for that logic too.

    That is why I think members should pay attention (including me, which I always do) to veteran's posts like of yours, ron, ozz because experience can speak for itself. :)

    Oh, and coming back to megaOcr, how'd you setup recaptcha option with it? Just tick it in CB? And what about the project option "Skip hard to solve captchas"? I assume you'd leave it unchecked?

    And oh, are you able to submit to SER's default Web 2.0s with megaOcr or use SEREngines addon for that instead? Had a one doubt though if using SEREngines, it'd make many accounts or make just one account and post many blog posts (calculating # of email accounts required will be very tough in this situation).

    Thank you.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    megaocr and ser engines. If you look at the thread on here, I did show the results you can get when some were moaning about poor rates.

    The stats I shared there, were with nothing more than cb and mega ocr

    There is one engine I leave unchecked. Thats FC2

    Running mega ocr in ser. I run it as a second service in ser rather than through cb

    If you run it through cb, cb will wait on each answer before moving onto the next captcha

    This way, you run them as two separate services.

    cb whips through its captchas and mega ocr is then left running at its maximum threads

  • But megaocr support tell me to add it on cb because when i first set it in gsa ser, mostly i saw on megaocr is error captcha not answer but after set it in cb then everything went well.

    Any idea what happen?
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