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elgg doing only profiles - not a single post added

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hiya, can someone tell me if i could make gsa post on elgg websites? now it creates profile, add links, but not blogs. other software can post to blogs, for example i used elgg from rank leap - and none of them have posts on blog section made by gsa.

so it makes:

but here is is nothing?

anyone any idea? it is better to have contextual link i quess, so maybe it is worth adding to blogs?


  • Can you compose some sites where you know of that those sites accepts blogs? Send the list to Sven so that he is able to improve the elgg-script. 

    In general the elgg-engine of SER is able to create a blog for you.
  • edited October 2012
    Actually, SER is posting to some of the blogpost pages on the ELGG sites, but it doesn't include a link and it only verifies then profile link. 

    Here are some sites that allow blogposts (but no link in the blogpost):

    Example (scraped): -> Click on "Blogs" -> A blogpost has been made, but the anchor at the bottom is unlinked.
  • most elgg sites accept it, it just gsa not creating them, but no problem i can send him a list of domains with blogs made with other software
  • SvenSven
    upcoming version should fix this.
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