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"Too much memmory in use ..."

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Since few updates ago i have a lot of "Too much memmory in use ..." errors, however my machine has enough RAM free.


  • SvenSven

    2.1 gb is the maximum the program can use since its a 32bit one. Also note that this message comes up earlier at about 1.2gb to not get into trouble of stopping projects or crashes.

    How many threads + projects do you have running?

  • over 10 projects and 320 threads. Does this error message slows down my link building ?
  • @danhoff
    I would change thread count until the optimal setting is found (optimal for your machine)
  • SvenSven
    320 threads sounds like an overkill to me. I wouldn't use more than 100 really but thats up to everyone to change it.
  • edited October 2012
    I use only 80 threads and have the same problem, after few hours memory usage rises from 350 mb to 1.2 gb.
    Can you rise the limit to 1.5GB? Exceptions occurs after 1.6 GB so it should be safe.
    Maybe you can add an option of automatic restart after reaching the limit?

  • SvenSven
    edited October 2012
    And how many projects? Thats not a solution really (restarting the program if it reaches a limit).
  • 85 projects, 25 running concurrently. I know that it is not a solution, but restarting manually two times a day is much worse.
  • I'm not getting that error (because i can't reach that levels), but i do notice a rise in mb usage as time goes by, eventually hitting my 1gb limit on the vps, i have:
    -> 11 projects
    -> 20 private proxies
    -> 50 threads 

    Also running CS, but the memory that uses is stable.

    Yep restarting it is not the solution, program memory usage should be stable, or at least with a direct relation to the thread nr/projects , so that we know if we are indeed pushing it too much or not.

    On another note, this message the OP is talking about "Too much memmory in use .." is clearly critical, it would be to nice to be able to filter the log box with error types like that (you already have the types defined with the icons), that would make it easier to analyse logs for possible trouble.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    I noticed that too.

    Reason for that is "Page Table".

    This is when you start SER+CS+Indexer:

    This is after a couple of hours:

    I don't have a solution for that by now, if there is any. It has something to do with virtual memory usage, I think. "Process Private" is the memory usage of all tools that running.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Oh, I just noticed that some of the momory will be recovered when it hits the bottom. But I have optimised my system two days ago and will let it run over the weekend. If its gonna be stable than I post a little guide about what could be tweaked (TCP/IP connection and virtual memory/page file).
  • The only thing i did now was to increase pagefile size to 150% the ram value (it was 100%), but i can't say i have noticed any differences yet.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Yeah, thats the recommendation which is posted everywhere, even by microsoft ^^

    If you want to know more how to get the best settings, read this blog post:

    You can scroll down to "How big should I make my paging file" to get an idea about that topic and download "Process Explorer" to determine better settings.

    PS: I'm not an expert in any case, but it didn't hurt my system as well ;). As I said above, I need to monitor that for a few more days before I can give any recommendation about that. Maybe here is a user who has more knowledge about that topic and can give better advice.

    PPS: Never touch a running system! But I for myself like to tweak a lot, hehe
  • GSA is eating my vps hdd, pagefile.sys is 20GB size now. Does GSA save its data to pagefile.sys ? I'm gonna clear this file and don't want to lose any projects data
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