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How To Determine Why I'm Getting Low Verified Pct?

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I have a bunch of projects (50+) that are pointing to internal pages of one of my websites. They are all set up exactly the same.

- Post to PR1+ sites
- All use the same keyword list (3000+ niche related keywords)
- Private Proxies (20)
- Posting to most platforms (no Indexer, Pingback, Referrer, Video)
- Not using global site list

I have been running these project for 3+ days. From the start, I have been getting a low verified percentage of links. It started at about 12-15% of submissions. Now it is down to about 8%.

What causes (or contributes to) a lower percent of verified links? With other projects, I usually get 20-40%. I wouldn't think that with 3000 keywords, I would be running out of pages that SER is finding to post to (I do not see many "already parsed" messages). So what would cause my percentage to drop even more?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Could it be related to the change to catchall emails you did a few days ago? Also check your proxies on BOTH google and bing, to see if they are all working. 
  • I should have mentioned...

    - Proxies test fine in both Bing & Google.
    - I have been using one catchall email for all of these. So, I thought that might be the problem. But, I stopped all projects, changed five of them to Hotmail accounts, and restarted with just those five projects. Still got the same low percentage.
  • No one has any ideas to offer?

    What percentages are others getting for Verified vs Submitted?

    Today so far I have 316 verified and 5196 submitted - 6.1% - just keeps getting worse!

    Normally, in a day of posting, I would have usually had over 1000 verified. (Granted, I would be using Global list, which would give me a higher percent. As I mentioned, I am not using this for these projects.)
  • I have been noticing this also.  And I have went from 1,200 to 2,000 submissions down to 600-1000 submissions.  Today I had it disrupted for a while and am at 670 submitted and 85 verified.  12.6%.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I have had a similar thing. I have requested something similar in the past to view the ratio of submitted to verified to see which projects are underperforming, but basically, I think it's impossible. (

    I have update the request to now have an extra column to record the number of daily submitted and verified links per project, rather than a total, as well as number of keywords left and target URL's left. Sven has said it's on his priority list, but not very high on it. 

    The only way I have found to solve this problem is to regularly clear target URL history and cache and then things get moving again. Maybe give this a go and report back on how it goes for you. 
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