GSA SER indexing drip feed checkbox

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How does this option work?

What does it do?

I have an indexing service myself and I have this drip feeding option for my customers which is located on the dashboard, how will this effect my customers if they check this option in GSA


  • SvenSven
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    Not at all as your api does not have a field to use this or?
  • Tim89Tim89
    My drip feed API option allows the customer to set an amount of days they would like their API submissions to be drip fed for, they can change this option on their dashboard interface on my site..

    So what does that checkbox do exactly as I do not see any options or configurations next to the checkbox asking for duration..
  • SvenSven
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    drip feed is used by some indexers to tell him to index the URLs delayed. Like 10-40 days to make it look more natural.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yes but this is an option that I already have within my indexing service..

    This doesn't have anything to do with GSA unless GSA SER now only submits urls through to the indexing service is small batches per day...

    But how would a GSA user set their drip feed delay within GSA ser, this is what I am asking, fair enough people can check the box to enable the drip feed but this does not make sense to do it within SER as there is no functionality, the user can not set their daily drip limit within SER so it is quite a pointless function.

    The indexing services provide the drip feeding option such as express indexer, we have this functionality along side other indexer services, this option within GSA is quite confusing.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Drip feeding options should require two variables,

    Enable + days

    Not to just enabling the function... Otherwise it doesn't make sense to the user, how would the user know how many links GSA is sending through to the indexing service per day?

    How would the user define or set the drip feeding limit?

    If you log into and go to your dashboard and then go to 'API drip option' you can set the daily value for any submissions that are sent to my API this stays fixed so there would be no need to set it within SER itself..
  • SvenSven
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    Please stop explaining to me how drip feed works or should work. Whats pointless is your continuing to advertise your service here and put new threads / URLs on every post.

    Again, some APIs allow you to submit URLs with a parameter to index delayed or not. Some also allow you to have an option for the day limit or URL limit per day. If they have such 2nd option for details, SER decides a random value between 10 days to get the URLs indexed. Thats the most natural way in my eyes. Your indexer seems only to support to index all URLs delayed or not. Thats not a setting for it than.

  • Tim89Tim89
    I find you very abrupt and insulting.

    I simply asked you some questions and show you examples on my site and you shoot me down with this advertising bs..

    I'm not here to advertise trust me, you made it clear you don't want me to advertise by sending my thread to page 9 here and it never gets updated when a user replies..

    I wanted to simply know how this drip feed checkbox worked.. I read through your change notes and could not see an explanation, now please can you set aside any vendetta you have against me.
  • SvenSven
    Have nothing to add ... thread closed!
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