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A need for a REAL instant stop of ALL OR pause and later resume of all

There are situations where "STOP" of SER  is OK
but currently "STOP" of SER never means really stop, there are many processes going ON AFTER hitting "stop" often half an hour or longer SER is active AFTER hitting stop

but there is a need when a REAL instant STOP of ALL or instant PAUSE of ALL is required for the benefit of the running projects

currently after hitting STOP there are many activities in the background going on for a LONG time

may be email download or parsing processes
may be blacklist download processes
or any other
a user rarely or often NEVER at all sees why SER "STOP"" keeps some Tiers or projects still in active colors
eventually after half an hour or one hr suddenly all Tiers and projects turn into inactive color more = thus showing that there is NO hanger of SER just invisible background processes that require time and may be also require an active Internet connection ...

there is a need for an immediate PAUSE (or in worst case stop) of ALL activities,
best would be with a later possible RESUME of all interrupted processes rather than a restart of all interrupted processes / downloads
specially for anything download related a RESUME would certainly save resources and time

just minutes ago I had again my www connection cut OFF
just minutes earlier I stopped SER :)

normal procedure is that some time (many seconds to a few minutes later) all the suppressed PING start to flow
in this case the STOP never stopped the pending PINGs
and all PINGS failed into no-where because that PING command does NOT follow the STOP and stays alive until all PING done no matter the SER start/stop status

after 2 or so hrs of submission activity that PING runs often half an hour or longer AFTER SER was stopped

there might be other situations that would benefit from a PAUSE (with alogged status where to RESUME later on)

for example  an UPGRADE of SER that automatically restarts SER
or if your virus upgrade requires a reboot of machine
or a windows upgrade requires a reboot
or as in my case if for any reason you are OFF the internet for a temporary time

as far as I can asses, currently a stop or a reboot of SER or machine always ends all processes and RESTARTS all from scratch = thus wasting time for parts already done before reboot / restart of SER

may be above feature too difficult to implement
may be others may have similar needs
it's a complex feature and challenge to implement
but may be possible and well worth to increase efficiency and reduce waste or time / resources and thus to further speed uP SER performance


  • yes I remember
    the key feature would be to somehow save all pending/interrupted processes
    allowing a proper RESUME rather than a restart

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Maybe it could stop all current processes and restart them from the beginning. So if it was processing emails and had 200 emails to process it would restart all email processing.
  • restart from scratch certainly is better than nothing at all
    that would mean an instant KILL of all SER processes rather than the current "hanging"-type situation that let's SER run in background on and on

    but resume paused processes would be far more professional and far more efficient solution

    resume is done in many other oniine apps - incl download by ffx and partial downloads by mail clients such as thunderbird and others

    above all it's a matter what the related servers support or NOT
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