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Possible Bug With Stop/Start Scheduler?

Hi @sven,

I noticed if you are using scheduler and stop it to make some edits, when you try to restart it take a very long time before it allows SER to start again, saying "projects are still running".

This happens even though no threads are active and all projects have no colour, indicating they have stopped. I also noticed if you just hit the start button it will restart SER, so the problem is only with scheduler.



  • SvenSven
    Why do you stop things to edit? If you edit things, the project is reloaded automatically. Though please make an exact "so this, click here" instruction to reproduct this.
  • goonergooner
    Sometimes you have to stop the scheduler, examples:

    - Add new project and then want to change to active from inactive.
    - Delete target URL cache of running project.

    Any of those cause the above problem, when you try to start scheduler again.

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