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Filters - How in The World do I get them to work or is it a bug?

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After being very enthusiastic about GSA I am becoming very disenchanted. To me its most powerful function was the filters or PR, no follow and outbound link count.

I don't know  if there is some hidden way of getting them to work but right now they are a mess. Here is a verified submission that had a filter  to skip nofollow sites, post only on pages with PR2   and with less than 70 links.

EVERY SINGLE FILTER FAILED.   NO PR, must be like  well over a hundred comments and nofollow.  Among my verified links run this morning NOT ONE obeyed the filters.  zip nada

GSA with the filters working is a powerful tool not requiring you to spam and blast everything in sight but right now its not that for me.  Please tell me how I can get it to work as advertised. 

P.S.  Is there anyway to modify the setting so that GSA stops telling me what the PR is by the home page and not the page the link is on.  All SEOs with any experience know its the PR of the page thats the most important and no matter what I push GSA just ignores  that even when I click the button to report based on the page.   . 


  • SvenSven

    You can change the PR to page in project settings (written in docu, shown on videos and mentioned here a couple of times).

    But now to the "bug". I think the problem is that the program didn't submit there but simply found your URL on it that you might have submitted earlier with another tool. In that case it just takes the URL to verified as it is already there.

  • I know about the project settings. I would never have asked if I didn't read the documents and watched the videos. I am saying they are being ignored by  the software and the link I just presented proves it - no this site has never ever been linked there before with ANY other submission package.  The filters are plain not working. I can post a pile of other links that are being verified that also ignoer the filters ALL OF THE VERIFIED ONES DO so either there is some other  setting  besides what you just pointed me to or its a bug or a feature that plain just does not work.
  • SvenSven
    And what link is now yours on the URL you posted?
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    Are u checking 'use global site lists'?

    What proxies are u using? Private or public?
  • Hi take a chance. Thats what I was asking  - is there something else to check or uncheck. I left that untouched so yes it is but I didn't know that would affect it
  • SvenSven
    Nothing is overwriting the project settings, only present URLs are taken as verified even if they don't match filters. So again what URL on that is yours?
  • Sven all of the pages that are showing verified links are not being successful . Its  not a matter of one site or one url. Now if  takeahance is saying that that has to be unchecked for the other filters to work then thats what I was looking for and  if so will try that.
  • But if you must know that one then its

    right near the bottom
  • It shouldn't but in my tests it does. I think also that if ur using poor proxies it may cause pr checking issues. I have a test project going at the moment for blogs only pr 3+ (page) and I can see plenty of pr1, pr0 links. That's with private proxies and global list unchecked.
  • I have  brand new domains I Never linked to before that I saw the same thing the last few days.  So take a chance was no onto something? 
  • I would say however that GSA ser is the best tool by far out there and Sven is amazing at updating and taking users suggestions up so go easy on him. Once u get the hang of it you will realise just how powerful the app as well as the community are :)
  • I am using Private proxies bought and paid for. I use them for Scrapebox, Magic submitter, spyglass and I have no problems with them reporting PR.
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    LOL.... I have been nothing but impressed with Sven . I am Mike Anthony over from WF and have suggested many people  to  GSA .  Thats why I included the part where I said perhaps it was something I was doing.  I can't lie though I was taken back by  him thinking I just hadn't read the  manual or watched any videos and then  saying it was some other software. That didn't seem characteristic of the STELLAR way he addresses issues.

    Its all good I just need to have this figured out or go in another direction because  right now  blasting is  just good for second tier and its only a matter of time before Google updates to  knock second and third tier that  just blasts to pump  up sites. I suggested GSA to tens of people over WF  for that very reason - The ability to pump up the juice without  blasting  sites. Still hope its something on my end  or that can be fixed easily.
  • SvenSven
    sorry but that is indeed a new link. I thought it might turn out to be a link posted ages ago. All I can offer is having a closer look on your project backup if you mind sending it.
  • No problem my man. Just tell me how. Sorry if I was pointed about it but its such a huge and important feature especially these days when  Google is coming after all kinds of links and link setups.  I  Will be lined up for more copies with a smile on my face if it can be fixed (or if its something on my end. I was really hoping against hope it was).   

    as you can see here (post 16) I am no hater of  either  you or your software.  Been singing its praise  which is why this was so frustrating

    anyway again just let me know how to send over what you need
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    I am having the same problem...set the option to PR2+ but from first 80 verified links I am getting only PR0

    PS: yes I am using private proxies
  • @cucurucu: did you have "post and analyze to competitors backlinks" as well as "use global site lists" unchecked?
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    Yep, there are unchecked

    EDIT: Ups forgot to uncheck  "use global site lists" ( was sure that  I did ).Let me try this way.

    EDIT2:  Even after unchecking "post and analyze to competitors backlinks" as well as "use global site lists" I am still getting only PR0 ( from 40 verified only 2 with PR1 )
  • I think what is happening is that a lot of people don't know how or are not bothering to check the PR  nofollow etc. It seems to be a wide spread problem.  IF Sven knew about this his track record indicates he would have fixed it so people need to let him know. Being able to target  pages with Pr is  probably the most powerful feature that GSA has over the other submitters.

    BTW In my experience I noticed they do work with Guestbooks it seems.   Blog comments will I think never be one hundred percent because things can throw it off but  PR of the page is something that can be had  with accuracy. SEO quake   does pretty good at doing that.  
  • So what's the to post to only PR+ pages ?
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    There is none .  I've heard back from enough people here and elsewhere to say that the feature just plain does not work. Its not my project settings.  Hopefully Sven will fix  it soon (he usually does). I'd rather see no more platform updates until that feature actually works. Its what had me buying GSA and recommending it. In  a short use before buying I thought it did but now finally getting into it I realize it does not. It works for guestbooks though but thats it.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    The solution for posting to PR pages would be to deselect all platforms that create a new page when signing up. If its creating a new page when signing up then obviously that page isn't going to have PR. This means web 2.0's, a lot of the Social networks, etc.

    This is why you see it work for guestbooks, blog comments, etc because its posting on pages that actually have the PR and not brand new pages.

    I guess the only thing Sven could do would be to disable platforms that create new pages when you select the PR of page filter.

    As far as the nofollow filter goes, that's impossible to get that perfect because a lot of times you can't even check if the link is dofollow/nofolllow until after it has been posted on the page. (blog sites, etc) So no matter what, that isn't going to be perfect. It's better to have a natural mix of dofollow/nofollow anyways in my opinion.
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    Is this the official answer to this  feature that is a non feature? I mean I don't mind if its a bug or something that is not working because you guys are usually good about updates but it kinda seems to me like you are saying that there is nothing to change.

    Anyway It does NOT  work for blog comments. You show the Page Pr there almost every time.  Anytime you check independently The PR is not what GSA says it is regardless of  using the  page only Pr switch.  Like I said the only thing it works for is guestbooks.  Of course you can't have PR on a new page.  Only someone born yesterday would think so - Please don't assume all your customers are SEO newbs or idiots - however you CAN  have PR on blog comments AND directory listings.
    Further more I have already stated that  nofollow would never be perfect but there is no reason on earth the page PR cannot  be accurate. Many tools out there such as  Seoquake get it right and its not even a matter or getting it right all the time. In my runs so far  GSA almost never gets it right. I haven't  been able to post on  one PR2 blog yet with comments. Even though GSA tries to tell me  I have posted on  PR4s it is false. It just continues to post to N/A and zero pages like I never changed any settings and from this thread and other people I now know its not just me

    Anyway I just need to know whether this is going to be addressed or not. the days of blasting spam all over the place  from weak and spammy links is over. I would never have recommended GSA if I thought it was like all the rest that just sent  trashy links everywhere. Even tiered link building will soon be targeted much less the  crazy idea that people might want to aim this at their money site.   

    and if I even believed the whole get a mix of nofollow and dofollow (theres really no reason to go after nofollows because some site will always go nofollow anyway). GSA right now doesn't give a good  mix. Outside of the guestbooks its giving  nofollows and N/As overwelmingly.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    I'm not sure why you're getting so defensive when I'm trying to explain things and help. I never assumed anyone was an SEO "newb" or idiot.

    I just did a quick test run to see if the PR of page is working correctly. I wanted to run it for a few minutes to get a small sample size so I got around 15 verified URL's.

    Filter is set to PR of page and only PR1 and above. Out of all 15 there was 1 PR0. All the rest were PR1-PR4 and I double checked with SEO Quake and PR is showing correct.


    Here are the URL's so you can double check in SEO quake if you want:

    I'm going to leave it running for a while and see what it comes up with, but so far the filter seems to be functioning pretty good on my end.

    I'll come and report back when I have a larger sample list.

  • S4ntos Just look through the thread. You have now three customers telling you it doesn't work for them despite  them all experimenting with different setting . I am not getting defensive . I am however getting frustrated because your answers seem to be  not  "we will fix this " but there is nothing for us to fix - its you the customers have the wrong ideas is all. Nothing is worse than a developer looking back at their customers and telling them the problem is all with their understanding or their setup. 

    Of course telling me that new pages can't have Pr is you thinking I am some newb. Theres no one in SEO that doesn't know that a new page doesn't grow PR instantly.  Anyway  I am not interested in quick tests.  I just want to know  if its going to be fixed so I can go merrily on my way in either case.  Quick tests don't trump what three customers have told you in this thread - the filters do not work.   I've run GSA for many hours not a quick test.

    So is this something that will or can be fixed or not?        
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    Incidentally as requested I already sent Sven  my backup file. I now have done hundreds of sites. I can send those backups as well. I'd be happy as a lark to find out what I was doing was wrong but  from everything he's indicated to us in this thread there is nothing else for me to do.

    The only thing that your shot tells me is that maybe theres an issue when you select  to skip nofollow because almost all those sites do fair enough have the Pr but they are almost all are nofollow not a nice mix at all.  I don't disbelieve  your screenshot (although I think you are  a lucky man compared to me) and experience but you do seem to be disbelieving the  three customers who indicated it doesn't work as advertised 

    See I am only pushing this because I know Sven's work so far and if its a bug or a nonworking feature then it will get fixed but if  you guys keep saying there is no issue it will never be fixed and I'll have to ditch the tool..
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    Mike - I'm not the developer. I'm only helping with marketing and help to moderate and offer support here.

    I've actually had Sven login to my VPS and tweak settings, etc when I wasn't having good results.

     If Sven is taking a look at it then you should be good to go. He is good at fixing any bugs that he can duplicate/find. As a matter of fact, you probably think I'm trying to "beat around the bush" but the truth is I've reported many of the bugs to him myself. There's no reason why I wouldn't want anything fixed if there is a problem.

    If there is a problem I'm sure he'll fix it.

    I'm interested to see what Sven says because it really seems to be working ok for me. Some PR0/N/A will slip through the cracks every once in a while but for the majority of the URL's, the PR page filter works and the PR is correct.

    That's all I can say but I'll wait until Sven comes back and says what's going on.
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    You are a representative of the company though  s4nt0s thats what makes it frustrating. Take it from my point of view. I have stated a problem, looked for solutions heard that there are none, other have said they have the same issue and then a rep comes on and basically says - nope - no problem.  How does that help me with no solution being given in the entire thread?  I'm not talking about things slipping through . I am talking about (as I state in my OP) all of the filters failing at the same time. I even posted an example and Sven couldn't say no to it. Now you post a short test and image  that basically can only be taken as - here is proof that what you and others are saying is false.   So I have to send in backups and now post more examples as well? I don't have time for that. 

    Well I guess all of us having that problem will have to wait and see but  in my business if enough customers tell me there is a problem - theres no IF about it - theres a problem.
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