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SER kills our VPS

edited October 2012 in Need Help

since 3 days we have really big problems... we have a vps, an good one, and only ser and cs is running on that vps... there where absolutly no problems... but since 3 days ser overloads our machin... its using all the cpu and ram resources with only 50 threads.
our vps is stucking and rebooting itself because of the overload...

whats up with gsa ser?



  • Is it SER or CS? Did you test it without CS?
  • its ser... you can see it i the taskbar manager
  • SvenSven
    @fanboosting do you see in the log when this happens? E.g. on searching, filtering, submission ?
  • there might be something onto it, i use on my VPS

    SER, CS, GSA Indexer
    and 1 or 2 instaces of SB, works always pretty fine

    just since 1 or 2 maybe even 3 updates, with same things running CPU loads is much higher then i am used to from the past, nothing what will break the machine for now, just way more then before

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I have had the same. I have just reduced the number of threads to reduce the load.
  • What is SER? I see people refering to SER. What the hell is that?
  • lol... its search engine ranker... ;)
     sorry sven i cant see it... because the vps restarting itself when its overload... most when i am sleeping :)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited October 2012
    @fanboosting - Can I ask who your VPS provider is?
  • ... this i not a good one... dont use them... we are searching for a new vps
  • @fanboosting

    same thing happen to me, now i try to reduce the thread to 25 from 50. i hope this will help..

    i'm using bermanhosting
  • I'm using bermanhosting too with a relative crappy setup and have no problems so far. Sometimes/Once a day I restart CS if I notice that the average solving rate for captchas is increasing.

    I use a little tool called RamRush too, to free some RAM when needed (= less than 8% RAM available), but I don't know if that has a positve effect so far. Couldn't recognise a negative effect either, so I think it doesn't hurt.
  • just talked to bermanhosting today... they told me that they DONT allow seo tools!
    i said to him that he is recommended by a lot of people in forums... but he said again, they dont tolerate any seo tools.

    about the ser problem... in the past we never had such problems... it must come from one of the last 5 - 10 updates...

    a few weeks ago... i was running ser with 60 threads and scrapebox with 40 threads at the same time... absolutly no problem... now since the last updates its hard to run gsa ser alone... thats not cool
  • oiloil
    edited October 2012


    now thats funny, i am with ($11 plan) and i did some speedtest to the US and had always crappy results, a friend of mine runs his SEO tools on berman, and he run a speedtest for me on berman, which looked awesome, i went to berman ordered the VPS Extra with their 25% off special,

    after the server was setup i did run same speedtest there, the results where plain horrifiying, actually must worse then trustVM, later i put my tools there and thought for a 2 Core 2GB ram, its nothing special, was working acceptable but overall not so well (comprng the  30$ VPS with the $11 berman had a bit more power but nothing really to be happy about), and support was rather lousy, the guys name was Sven :D 

    i figured pretty fast that for $30 a month i might should just try upgrading my trustVM plan (which has better ping to US, which is my main market), and i did so just today, so i have now the same as i had on berman, 2 core, 2 GB ram, and i can ran run 3 instances of SB doing some mass blasts, and SER running and posting same time, with 100 threads and the thing is smooth like a baby no hicups nothing.

    ahh yeah, berman advertises their plan / services with money back guarantee which is asked for, that is now 3 days ago, and they dont seem like they wanna process it, after i mentioned the fact that i am not really satisfied and considering the money back guarantee, support was literally not available for me, i mean with nothing, they didnt even forward my cancellation request to their billing department for 1 day.

    regarding speedtest i figured that does give totally wrong results when i logged into VPS, the only true data was ping and tracert, and my $11 trustVM was far superior compared to berman, I still hope they give me the money back one day,

    btw, if you pay a few months in advance, Carlos from TrustVM can cut you a good deal, even with a custom config like i have now, so as summary TrustVM is much better and much cheaper then Berman, still shocked thou that they say SEO tools are not allowed.

  • oiloil
    edited October 2012
    just logged into my berman account, little correction, my money back guarantee request is already 5 days old, and i havent heard a single word from them yet, i also sent question to the support guy what takes them so long to process it, and here as well - unanswered so far
  • edited October 2012
    fanboosting  "just talked to bermanhosting today... they told me that they DONT allow seo tools!"
    That's completely opposite of my experience. In early 2012 before I ordered Berman VPS, not only  did 'Sven' say that SEO tools were Ok, but when I got the VPS, and installed Scrapebox (I had my own license), and when I ran it, it was licensed to "Svetlin ...." (i.e. Sven!). 

    So Sven has either changed his terms (because the server he's renting don't allow it?) or he's telling fibs. Either way, I won't be using Berman any more. Ok (maybe) if you are just starting out and on a budget but not for reliability, as Berman's VPS crashed around 7 times in 6 months when I had it.
  • thx for the infos oil,  i m actually looking for a vps. Powweruphosting @ 59$ per month its a 2 cpu machine 2g unlimited  vs Trustvm 20$ 2 gig unlimited but they dont say how many cpu.

  • by the way where are they located? (Trustvm) for myself i m in Canada and posting to english speaking countries and french also
  • my market is US, so i prefer posting to US only,
    however living in thailand, we hve the nicest girls and the best food, but internet is horrible
    trustVM server is in Portugal, Europe, i have pinged my hosters in

    Miami, FL
    Scranton, PA
    and 2 other Hosters, i dont know where they are LOL

    and compared with berman my old trustVM plan was always minimum 20 ms up to 40 ms better then berman, i don know if that really would actually matter for SER, since most of my proxies are US, however on multiplayer gaming this is a huge difference in terms i could still play lag free on trustVM but i would get kicked with lots of lag on berman most of the time

    @JackSparrow, Captain :D

    in the month i ve been on trust VM i did let the tiny box run most of the time pretty much to its limits, with lots of threads and  few instances of SB running same time - it never crashed!, however since i am windows user, i did some manual reboots from time to time, it just felt better giving it a reboot here and there, i know how my personal pc would act up without rebooting for a week LOL

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Strange that you have had bad experience with Berman. I have had excellent support. All questions answered within 24 hours. 

    Even changed my node when I mentioned it seemed to have slowed down. 

    Speed has been great, support excellent. 

    Regarding SEO tools, they are strict on the IP but apart from that I don't think it's an issue. I recently purchased another VPS there and run CS and SB and GSA. BUT you have to have proxies...or you'll get a warning! I haven't had one yet, but they are quite clear on this. 
  • well if you are so good with them feel welcome to ask if they ever gonna process ticket no. #676064 was openend 09/10/2012 20:58 - i am still waiting on a words from them, there are a few converstations in the ticket but the crucial things for me, are a big unnswered since that date
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