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[HOT] WizMail - Mass Email Account Creator

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WizMail - The best solution for your emails need

Stop buying email accounts and start creating your own with the best mass email creation bot. I hate boring sales letters so i'll get straight to it :

Supported email providers:

  • AOL
  • Rediffmail
  • Netcourrier
  • Laposte ( No need for french proxies - Captcha solved easily by Captcha Breaker )

Key Features

  • Ready to import directly into SER (Search Engine Ranker) .
  •  Supports 3 captcha services ( Decaptcher, DeathByCaptcha and Bypasscaptcha) .
  • Advanced proxy rotation.
  • Huge user agents list built in to avoid leaving any footprints.
  • Multi-threading for fast account generation.
  • Saves accounts to a separate file after each run so you won’t get confused.
  • Built in username generator – build your own email username using your own lists or numbers.
  • Set Spam Filter – don’t worry about emails getting marked as spam.
  • Aliases Creation – create multiple emails per IP. (laposte only for the moment)

If there is anything else you want to see added to the Mass Email Creator bot just let us now by posting on Mass Email Creator Feature Request and will do our best to add it.

For support please use our dedicated Support System as it makes it easier to track your query and we are able to respond faster.


License valid for 1 pc . For multiple licenses contact me for a discount.



  • I bought this from the seller a week ago and I have created over 100K email accounts!  All spam filtered and all in gsa format.  This is possibly the best software I'd ever seen in the market. The seller is very responsive, his support is top notch and you just can't go wrong with him.  Also when I say 100K emails, I was saying 100K emails (with like 6 alias emails included).  I plug these emails into ser and voila!  It should be worth more than $39.99 but if you can grab it now at this price, I know I would (which i did last week!).
  • As the owner of IMSoldiers i was lucky enough to test this during the stages of creation. This is without a doubt a must for any SER user. We speak a lot about SER on the forum and as a collective always had issues creating mass accounts easily. Now this tool solves all these problems.

    Don't mistake this for a friend review, I would pay double for this software due to the time and hassle it saves me.

    If you get a low LPM rate then the issues could be a black listed email, most users will know what a ball ache it is to keep switching emails because of this problem, now imagine being able to create 1000 emails in less than 1 hour then import them into your project.. How much is this time saver worth... certainly more than what this software costs.

    Time = Money and this saves you tons of it.
  • What ims says is correct.

    Use it or you would regret soon!

    It is 99.99% perfect email creator for SER.
  • It's really awesome tool i use this tool daily and i will recommend it to anyone who use GSA Ser :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Tidy email creator to have at hand

    Nice selection of email types made, so your being noticed registering with any one type of email account

    Well worth getting

  • I have to say, this is the one of the best email creators out there. You just can't go wrong with this tool. The dev offers great support, and he's very responsive. Good luck with sales @gabel
  • thanks everyone for their reviews , really glad you all like it :-)
  • Use it all the time too, well worth the money.
  • Yeah I have to echo the previous comments and say this is an extremely solid product and the dev is *very* responsive to users.  The new standard for email creators for me at least.
  • can i reset the license if i move my vps ?
  • sure , just contact me on live support or submit your ticket with your order ID and i'll get it sorted
  • @gabel, just buy it, i hope it will help me to create email to my gsa campaign

  • thanks for your purchase , i'm sure it will there are people creating thousands of emails a day for their campaigns. if you have any other questions just let me know.

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    Best mail account creator I´ve ever tried. Loving it @gabel, thanks a lot!
  • thanks mate , really glad you like it
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    @gabel i open ticket on your website, not sure if the ticket created because i can't login to look my ticket already created or not, also i didn't receive any notification, please confirm if you get my ticket

  • i'm updating the ticketing system so that's why , but ticket are still in. you can also reach me on skype @ botswiz

  • So if i create 1k email and put into gsa, if one of the email get blacklist, will gsa auto rotate the email or i need to manually change the email for gsa?
  • SER already rotates them but from what i know it doesn't auto-delete the blacklisted one , you will have to ask sven on that one.
  • Which email provider is good to use with gsa ser?
  • all the emails providers have been tested with SER and they all work great
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    @gabel: are you sure account creation doesn't require .FR ip adresses? ATM I don't have any private proxies to test but I'm using HMA VPN and it doesn't seem to create accounts using .US IP addresses though .FR is working (of course). [Edit]Wait I think I spoke too soon - one just got created. So maybe I'm wrong? I'm just a little unsure because my hosting is French so maybe it used this IP when HMA is changing IP addresses. I have it set to disallow connections from Browser.exe (aka Ubot) unless the VPN is connected but in the past HMA Pro VPN application has been pretty bad at stopping connections like this. [Edit 2]It would be nice to have HMA VPN integration where WizMail calls HMA to change the VPN IP and then continues the account creation process. Also sorry for the lack of paragraphs, for some reason editing isnt putting them in :\
  • Yes i'm 100% sure it doesn't require french ip's , i have none and creating a lot each day and i know a lot of my customers do the same as they told me. As for using a VPN i wouldn't really recommend that when using multi-threaded bots , proxies are the way to go. I might look into integrating HMA VPN but like i said i don't really recommend and don't know if this will get added. Do let me know if you have any other questions, thanks.
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    gabel, are you saying that all the emails providers have been tested
    with SER and they all work great! it is a lie. Show me how to use Rediffmail or netcourier in SER
    (POP3 access is available in the Premium pack.)
  • At the time i have made the bot every provider was tested with SER. I always communicate with my customers in case something changes , for example if a provider does changes. to my best knowledge and because nobody reported anything all the emails provider do work with SER , i'm not lying about anything . Will test those 2 providers again and will see if anything has changed. BTW are you a WizMail user?
  • I repeat question : How to use Rediffmail and Netcourrier in SER?
  • SvenSven

    @gabel the problem is that you export the accounts in a format with <email>:<password>. This is ok as everything else can be filled by the user. However, GSA SER does not know the pop3 server, port, ssl, login for that to be filled. It would be nice if some people could get me the details and I can teach the program to fill that out on it's own.

    Or @gabel exports with more data.

  • the problem is not a export format, problem is Rediffmail and Netcourrier haven't free pop3 access and SER can't use this providers.
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    I've tested both providers and seems Netcourrier no longer offers POP3 on the free accounts they only offer IMAP .I will leave them as they can still be used for other programs. @Sven in the options screen there is a checkbox SER Format and if you check that one it will export everything in the format required by SER . @useruser1 Like i said about Netcourrier seems to no longer offer POP3 on free accounts but Rediffmail does work just fine If you are a WizMail user and have problem with this just contact me on my support portal and i will be more then happy to assist you. I'm currently testing more providers which will be added soon.
  • SvenSven
    @gabel ah thanks. Do you ming sending me a copy? I got some angry emails from customers saying this tool is not working as advertised. If I knew about this export format I could have solved it myself. ;) Sorry.
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