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What more can I do to increase my LpM? (Settings included)

Hi guys!

I'm currently trying to increase my LpM so I'm trying to figure out some good settings.

I'm currently running with 600 threads
HTML timeout: 135
About 20 projects with 3 tiers running
Skip hard to solve captchas
Ask 1st service to solve captchas
30 semi-private proxies(shared between 3 clients)
I use proxies for search engines, pr checking and submission.
When to verify(just changed this to disabled/never, haven't tried it yet)
And I use 29 engines(Google engines) in the project options

Tier 1:
Stop project after 100 verifications
Tier 2
Stop project after 150 verifications
Tier 3
Stop project after 200 verifications

What more can I do to increase my LpM? Also, one more question; the higher my LpM is the more projects I can run and still get the needed amount of backlinks, right?

Best Regards,


  • use a lot of keywords
    use your own footprints, or the best footprints only and eliminate the ones with poor results.
    use the 5 rndm google search engine shared here in the forum
    i suggest you lower your threads to 300 or 400
  • Thank you very much for your answer, I will look into it! I also managed to get my LpM up to almost 60 :)
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