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[Question] How do I import the specific websites URL that I want GSA SER to make backlinks at?

Hello everyone, thanks for viewing this thread. I'm day 2 on using GSA SER and man I'm so excited to learn more stuff.

I used to manually backlink my websites before and I know where to make good backlinks that can kick up in ranking if done right!

However, my question is how can I make GSA SER make backlinks to ONLY the URLS that I wanted

for example I got the following websites:

and I only want GSA SER to make backlinks to ONLY those links. Is that possible? I'll really appreciate any reply coming from the awesome people of this growing community.


  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2013
    Create a campaign, insert all your content, everything that is needed.

    In the options section, I'm saying this from memory as I'm not near a machine, you want to uncheck or deselect all search engines and then uncheck 'use global sitelists' doing this does two things, firstly it stops gsa from searching and scraping sources to post to and secondly it prevents gsa from posting to already accumulated websites that are saved in sitelists.

    Once you've prepped your campaign hit ok and then simply right click on that campaign and select 'import target list urls' then either import via clipboard or from a specified file.

    Voila, once your imported source list diminishes your project should stop and start verifying your submissions.
  • Thanks for answering my very newbie question! NOW I KNOW!


    It says "no engine matches" . . . why is that?
  • goonergooner
    No engine matches means that SER can not post to that website.
  • I got a new question in this thread:

    I'm still using DEMO Version but I already have serial because I bought it already yesterday (together with GSA SEO Indexer and Captcha Breaker) I'm just afraid that if I use the serial on my personal computer, I might not be able to use GSA SER and the rest of the GSA products I bought to the VPS I ordered.

    My question is, do you think the reason why it says "no engine matches" is because I'm still using DEMO VERSION? 

  • goonergooner
    No, the demo version is a full working version i believe.
    It just means that SER can not post to that site, SER can post to many many engines but that particular site is not one of them.
  • Thanks gooner and Tim89 you guys have helped me alot! Now to start my first project :D I'm confident now :D

  • Tim89Tim89
    @julz you should be able to install the software on many different machines using your serial..

    However, you can not run multiple instances on multiple machines at once, this interfers with the licensing activation methods apparently.
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