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Does AWS support scheduling resp. dripping?


  • There is rudimentary scheduling built in. Click on the down-arrow beside the start button and you can see the options there. It lets you run a given number of projects at a time, but you can't pick which ones.

    As far as "dripping" content (links), you set this in the "Options" of the project. You can limit it to a certain number of links or submissions per day (or number of minutes). Click on the text next to the number you are setting and it will change from "links" to "submissions", etc.
  • @David: He asked for a scheduler in AWS (= Auto Website Submitter) ;)

    @komakino: I'm sure Sven will answer that for you when he is back at the forum
  • SvenSven
    Yes that software has a scheduler included as well. You can specify when to start/stop and on how many submissions.
  • bad!
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