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Seo indexer for tier1

I used to have good success with seo indexer. But I am now in doubt whether I still ought to use seo indexer for tier1 links? Or is this now considered spam in googles eyes?


  • goonergooner
    My experience is that indexing will get you ranked faster and will not harm your site, some people will disagree or say you should only drip feed indexing.

    But in my experience it doesn't make any difference. I suggest you test yourself, index links for some sites and don't index for the other sites and see the results for yourself.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2013
    hey @mlk10 I have to agree with @gooner about indexing your back links, this can only help your site, don't go to crazy and index thousands of links in a day, but certainly 1,000 tier 1's within a couple of weeks will not hurt your site.

    you can and should be more aggressive with your tier 2's and 3's though, build as many as you can and get them indexed as fast as possible to see quick serp gains.

    if you are looking for a great index service with value for money in mind, try out my service.

    I'm available to help you if you require assistance.
  • edited October 2013
    Hi there,
    I am new to all of this. I just purchased GSA SER and SEO Indexer. In order to use the Indexer, do I need to get a service like the one that Tim89 is offering or does it work without it too? Thx
  • It works without it . You can has othee sevices if you want . Some people here dont use indexification at all and let links index naturaly . Search the forum for more info .
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2013
    @jfoppoli my indexing serivce pretty much cuts out a waiting period and speeds up your ranking times.

    If you opt in to my service you will see fast SERP gains simply because your backlinks will get indexed and stay indexed quicker than if you were to use a pinging or crawling service such as indexification.

  • Thanks for the info Tim
  • @jfoppoli - I have also subscribed to Tim89's service.  It is amazing!!  I have dropped another indexing service that I have had over 2 years after I saw the results.  It has also given me more time to focus on building more links as I do not have to waste time pinging, crawling, rss feed creation submitting, and using the desktop version that you mentioned, seo indexer...   Try it out, it is very affordable....
  • Hi.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
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