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Check email Blacklist question

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When hitting the check blacklist button it takes you to a site. the site lists a number of occurences that show my ip/email address, etc. I created a new email address, ran my projects and within 24 hours my new email is already listed on that list on the blacklist site.

My question is this, if it is listed once, should I change my email again. Or do you wait until it is listed say 10 times, before you go and change your email. I quess I really don't understand the legend/list on this site. What does it represent? A bad email address or an address that might be bad? Does it show up bright red and flash, lol, when it is time to change your email address, etc.

I cant change it everyday, what method are most people using to determine when its time to change your email address?


  • I think one of those threads will cover most of your questions:

    Best solution to avoid blacklisting is to set up a catchall email address:
  • Thanks OZz but I cant find the answer to my question in those links you posted.

    What I want to know is how important is it if your email/ip is listed say just one time on that blacklist site. should I do anything? Should I wait til it is listed ten or twenty times, etc before changing adress. Should I wait until submissions start going down, etc, before changing the adresss. What do most people do?

    I dont understand the importance/meaning of that blacklist site list and how many times your email shows up on it.....

  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    You should change the email once you are blacklisted. Especially forums and blog commenting sites will block you once listed. But its up to you how to proceed with this.

    I know that this topic came up in one or two threads already. Because of that I posted the threads that are tagged with "blacklisting". Sorry, if this was not the case.
  • To add to this, I remember one user of SER posting somewhere here on the forum that he also runs a forum on one of his websites. And he uses the plugin/service for his forum that checks these blacklist sites. He said that on his forum, he blocks anyone that has even one listing (on the blacklist sites).

    So, it would seem you're toasted after one.
  • Catchalls, catchalls, catchalls. I say again ....maybe I won't! Lol! :)
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    I created a new email address and changed my projects last night at around midnight. By 9 am this morning about 1000 submited (all with brand new private proxies, etc) and my new email address is already listed on the Blacklist site. Major bummer.

    The legend says:

    Toxic IP address or "bad" email domain

    Hot IP or disposable email address



    my email is listed but it is not "highlighted" - . the ip does have the toxic symbol next to it. confusing to interpret this, does that mean just my IP is toxic and not my email address or both.


    Also, as a side not, should I use my private proxies "everywhere" instead of "just posting'. Would this help in any way to slow down this blacklist process?

    If not, I will look into the Catchall methods discussed.

  • How you use your proxies has nothing to do with getting blacklisted.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Use a catchall, use multiple patforms (as too many links to one platform type increases chance of getting blacklisted) and use a number of proxies and you should go a long way to reduce the time it takes to get blacklisted. Also - create your own decent forum profile about me, blog comments, etc, so that they aren't so obvious...when you've done those things let us know how it goes. 

    Also - we are requesting a feature which auto checks all project emails (so you don't have to check each project's email address manually) to see if they are blacklisted and gives you a warning if it finds one. I hope this on Sven's to do list. 
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