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What type of Content to use with Churn and Burn Method?

I mean main page must be kinda unique

but for the tier 1 tier 2 what type of content would be used as well the anchor texts? Thanks


  • Are you talking about content on your money site or content for the sites linking?
  • Actually both
  • Until the site ranks I just put something about the topic on the homepage.  Once it's starts ranking I then put the proper content on related to whatever the site is about and the way I'm monetising it.

    As far links then I just use spun articles or ACW generated content
  • Thanks, also how much can a spin content be used to links like tier links? 

    Can they be used to submit to more than 1000 sites? 
  • so in saying, can you just use any type of content? Wont google detect it as spam and blah blah?

  • how long does it take to rank churn and burn websites for low/medium difficulty keywords?
  • Dunno, going to start to do some tests
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited October 2013
    @tgoogle does it matter?  It's a churn and burn site and ppl (including me) credit Google with too much...It'll be the number of links that gets spotted rather than any content issues

    @sumusiko no right answer, but depending on how many links and the type of links you throw at it and how quickly those links are indexed, it could be as quick as a few days
  • Hey dav thanks bud, do you recommend then while doing churn and burn using index services like linklicious? Anyways do you recommend it to use it on all sites does not mather if they are churn and burn or not?

    And is the churn and burn method still working? Thanks
  • You will probably want to use an indexer as it's getting harder to index links quickly and churn and burn still does work - I put up a site just over 2 weeks ago and its ranking on page 1 for 4 of the terms I targeted with the others at various places on P2
  • Nice how is the comp of the niche? Also how did you set up your campaign with GSA and did you just use GSA?

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    @tgoogle :  According to my knowdge linkcilous is not soo effective ..Dont know i used onl 20days and just close my subscription ..and im on Express indexer trail no sure that too..but its far better than linkcilos ...going to try incredible indexer :P
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Why not use several? I am using Indexification + SEI + Incredible Indexer + @Tim89's offering, free trial (sorry forgot the name).
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited October 2013
    Also @davbel was this a brand new never registered before domain you are ranking with? Mind sharing if it's a 'low end' TLD like .info or not too?

    There are several people on here who I respect for sharing a little information on their projects like @ron and yourself, which helps people new to SEO like me rank, who are willing to read and learn, so thanks :)
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited October 2013
    The niche is competitive in that it has some fairly major, high authority sites ranking, but these are mainly news type sites and not "solution" sites as mine is.

    It's a brand new PMD .info for a KW that I noticed purely by accident spiking in Google trends whilst I was looking at something else completely unrelated.

    It's a niche I've had no experience of and I thought I'd give it a go for "lols" as I'd recently scraped about 40 million potential link targets and I needed something to use to sanitise the list.

    Because the footprints I used were massively varied, I created a project that posts to every type of engine (PR0+) apart from exploit and set the project to only to post from imported lists, so no search engines and deselect "Use URLs from global site lists".

    I set the site up as a one page site with an image, a couple of sentences of content and a link to an authority site and then set the project going.

    Once the site began ranking, I added the affiliate offer with some related content and a few extra posts to target what ppl were also searching for related to the offer.
  • davbel, do you direct link when doing churn and burn? 
  • @davbel are you replacing all content on MS just after you start ranking? Are you replacing content and add some more post OR just add more posts?

    Will it be good to put some related content on MS first, than start ranking and if site appear in top 10-15 change content and put also ADS etc ?
  • edited October 2013
    what are the options and filters that you use when doing the churn and burn? Also do you target more than 1 keyword? 

  • @tgoogle Yes I direct link although I think some others here on the forums use buffer sites.  I don't use any filters and I target a group of KWs as you would with any site.

    @meph Of course you can put lots of content up first, but I do it like this to see if it will rank. 

    Doing it like this I can put a WP site up in about 10 or 15 mins.  Then if it starts to rank I'll spend a bit more time on it, but if it doesn't then it's only 15 mins wasted.

  • @davbel did you notice some drop in rankings after changing content? do you have some strategy like change content when site is in top20 etc?
  • How many keywords do you target.
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