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Question about pausing projects

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If I have a project set to pause after xx number of submissions "for 1440 minutes", is this reset after I stop (or shut down) SER?

In more detail...say I have a project set to stop after 20 submissions for 1440 minutes. I then stop SER, shut it down, and restart it. Will this project start back up or does the program remember this from one session to another? If it does not remember, it is kind of not useful.

The reason I hope this works is...I want to be able to use this feature to kind of "schedule" projects - or at least vary a little when they are run. I have a site that I have set up over 50 individual projects to build links to internal pages. For several reasons, I don't want all these projects active at the same time. I thought about starting them 10 at a time. When those 10 get to 20 submissions, start the next 10, and so on...

After this process gets going, I was hoping I could just leave it running, and as different projects reach the 1440 minute threshold, they would start back up. This would keep a limited number of projects running at any one time.

Will this work (in theory anyway)? Does anyone have any other suggestions to accomplish this type of thing? (Short of having some type of "scheduler" built into SER...hey, Sven!!!)


  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    AFAIK SER don't remember your status when "Pause after xxx submissions for xxxx minutes". 

    It remember the status when you click "Pause after xxx submission/verifications reached in a day" though.
    Click the blue underlined text in your project options for this.

    Together with the scheduler it might work for your purposes to some point but not as you wanted (I think). I don't have used the scheduler yet, so I might be wrong.

    Edit: I should read every post to the end ;) There is a scheduler in SER right now. Click the "Arrow" button next to the "Start/Stop" button.
  • SvenSven
    If a project is stopped or the program is restarted, everything else than the "...submission/verifications reached in a day" is lost.
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