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Out of Memory!

Please stop this "Out of Memory!" message popping up! If I try to close it it's popping up again and again and again.

I use 8 GB DDR 3 Rammy dedi is not nearly out of memory! - SER uses ~3 GB Memory max, but this message pops up every 24 hours and if it pop up i can be sure after another 2 hours running it will poping up again and again and again and i cant close it any more because its poping up again and i must close it via task manager.

Settings: 180 Threads (earlier versions of SER support 260 threads and more withoout this "Out of Memory" info)
Scheduler : 6 Projects running 45 minut switch



  • goonergooner
    me too, SER is showing 3 GB ram used and saying "out of memory".
    This has never happened to me before, so i believe it could be unique to v6.71?
  • my SER also giving this error and after one or two hour saying "out of memory"
  • me too waiting for fix and i am sure seven already looking into this by the time we talking abt it :D
  • edited October 2013
    Same thing here. Maybe something with scheduler. I see this error happened right after midnight and bunch of projects were active verify. I was able to send a bug report tho today morning when I saw that 
  • Same thing here i'm getting major out of memory issues hopefully sven knows what's open otherwise i'll just begin on creating backups.

  • goonergooner
    Yea it's ridiculous, even worse that if forces you to restart SER and then lose all verified links from the program.

    How do you restore previous version?
  • @gooner I've posted a link to 6.68 .exe file here:

    Hope this helps, cheers.
  • goonergooner
    @seowizzard - Thank you my friend. Much appreciated.
  • Same problem here, haven't been able to run GSA SER in the past couple days after upgrading even up to v6.72 today.

    Before was Out of Memory error.  Now that doesn't pop up, but it just doesn't run, it hangs.  Doing 10 projects schedule rotate every 15 mins, no problem before, but just problem with recent updates.

    Will revert back to old versions for now.
  • same problem here
  • SvenSven
    Im debugging that on monday.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Had the out of memory over night

    Running ser in scheduler mode, 10 projects on auto rotation and t1 on reverify

    Woke today and found more than ten projects active and the 3 gig max memory warning

  • Yeah, I'm getting it on all my servers. Same exact issue as Lee. :( @Sven if you need some backup so you can test on your end let me know please and where i can send them to.
  • SvenSven
    fixed in 6.74
  • You are awesome. :)  Thanks. :)
  • Thanks! Good support, like all the time.
  • @ leeg ho do you set up this rotation . Would you explain please
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