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Hey, I just updated to 6.69. There are a few issues I've noticed. The lesser important one is that verified links don't show accurate (I saw one of the campaigns had 3 verified links, but when i checked them - show verifieds - all were there).

The other important issue was that since it began running it already crashed 2 times in less than 30 minutes. (Encounter problem, bla bla bla> continue, restart or quit).

Anyone else getting these?

PS. actually, the first issue is more severe, after crash all verifieds are gone... :( any way I can downgrade this version?


  • Same here. 6.69 has crashed with an error message 4 times on me in the last hour. Glad to know it isn't my computer.
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    hope you didin't lose your verified links... kinda bumbed me out, lost maybe 15000+ verified links on various projects
  • SvenSven
    did you send the bugreport?
  • I haven't done any debugging in gsa ever. Could you point me for a 6.68 setup in the meantime, I'd really appreciate it?
  • Wow, lucky I checked the install folder, found 6.68 .exe file in there (sven, you won the internet when you thought to keep the older version, cheers). I was starting to freak out, couldn't use that new version at all with these issues.
  • SvenSven
    6.70 should fix things.
  • I'm glad I caught this before I set GSA up to run a campaign today. I had upgraded to 6.70 and was setting a new fresh 3 tier campaign. I had started the first tier up and when it reached around 175 verified links, I started up the 2nd tier. I noticed that the 2nd tier just sat their and wasn't producing links (it had the lighter blue highlight to the Active message). 

    At this point I stopped the projects, and initiated a verify run, when I noticed all the verified links dropped from 177 to 3 a the program went back and verified the links. After the verify run was over, I right clicked on the first tier, went to Show URls > selected Verified, and got a message box that advised me there were no links saved.

    So after some initial confusion, I found this thread, found 6.68 parked in the install folder and fired it up. I ran some tests with the same campaign, and 6.68 is saving verified/submitted links, while 6.70 is not.
  • SvenSven
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    yes found that out as well and 6.71 should fix this.

    Im not proud of such lossy bugs but James ( and me tested this the last days and thought all was life to learn :-\" 

  • :) Well I'm glad to hear it'll be fixed next update. I think you should be proud of the support you offer for your product, it's definitely top notch.

    The other major point here is that 6.68 was still there for us to use, which is awesome. Thanks much for the response and in getting this fixed.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @sven getting out of memory errors with 6.70

    Only running 10 projects for 20 mins on scheduler and it's @ 3.5Gb.

    Will upgrade to 3.71 and see it that fixes it
  • Still getting out of memory. 
  • @davbel you can get 6.68 back until everything is fixed. If you lost your old .exe file, I've put it in my public dropbox folder here:
  • Thanks @seowizzard, but I save all the previous versions on my server straight after I've upgraded, so I've been running 6.68 over night.
  • SvenSven
    @davbel can you send me the project backup?
  • @Sven yeah, I'll try
  • I have unusual loses in verified links too. Still have this problem with version 6.71. When check failed verification links with scrapebox it finds about 30-40% good links, when ser founds 0 as verified.
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    I have same problem as @davbel; keep getting out of memory error with memory running up to 4gb. Running same number of threads and projects on same VPS as I have for last 10 months.

    Just upgrade to v6.73 and seems to be running ok now; memory at around 900mb. 

    How are you doing on 6.73 @davbel?

    I'll post again if problem returns.
  • @mitch same issues on 6.73
  • SvenSven
    6.74 fixed it.
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