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Best Email Accounts For Your GSA SER



  • OnkelMicha -  are you still receiving this error after converting the yahoo emails with the conversion tool?  do the yahoo emails work at all with SER?  

    anyone else able to get the yahoo emails to work with SER? 

    please advise as I am still looking for a solution... thanks...
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @vipseo, Hi, OnkelMicha told me yahoos works great with SER after converted format. I'll give some test yahoos to you, thanks!
  • Just bought some, 1k.

    please send to me ASAP if you can.

    Your Invoice# is 579ueg09h012ic7ec4ce7mkio0c8g88w088cwk8.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @eliquid, 1k2 yahoos sent, please check your paypal email inbox, thanks very much for your order!
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Just pm you can you take a look .. Its about my previous order :)
  • Thanks, got them.

    Running and working. Awesome fast service guys!
  • @eliquid - Did you have to go into each project and change the settings in order to switch from Hotmail to Yahoo ?

  • I created new projects and just simply imported in the yahoos
  • Hi, I've just ordered: Invoice# is 579ueg0jsy7iv17krt64f2gl4wkc8sow480ow8w
    Please send it asap if possible, I really need it since all of my hotmails is basically dead.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    yahoo appears to be junk now too
  • I have dropped you several pm op, please reply as soon as possible.

  • Hey

    Yeah got it solved yesterday, on my note I was not paying attention that I got the link to convert hotmail emails instead of Yahoo. The yahoo link was hiding underneath the big field.

    Well problem solved and I'm happy.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    One of best account providers i have found! I have 2 copies of GSA SER and using 10Emails per project and buy from this seller for monthly basis .

    Perfect customer support as well!

  • Hello.

    I have just ordered yahoo accounts.
    transaction ID for this payment is: 7XS59405112047334. ...

  • Please send private message, when you deliver the yahoo accounts.

    Thank you
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @ruimartinho, 1k2 yahoos sent, please check your paypal email inbox, thanks very much!
  • Just paid for yahoo account

    Your Invoice# is 579ueg1hcwhai49xbd8chvvhkow00gkwoc0480k.
  • make a purchase, Invoice: 579ueg1ubwakj35zd96f1qb8ws0kcs08ggcgsgk
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    edited May 2014

    Update: Outlooks are working with GSA SER now, all outlooks pop3 enabled and spam filter off.

    If you bought hotmails/outlooks from me within the last 4 days, just send me the bad list, I'll give you new outlooks. Thanks!

    Buy Outlooks/Yahoos Now:
    Outlook Accounts GSA SER format convert tool: hxxp://
    Yahoo Accounts GSA SER format convert tool: hxxp://

    public test outlooks(maybe blocked soon):
  • are this account is safe now, my hotmail account that i buy last month already dead now
  • how many emails do you use on each project? one email like these ?

  • @hotmailaccount - Is there any way that I can fix accounts bought from you a month ago ?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @berubah, Hi, outlooks not safe now, yahoo accounts is the best choose for GSA SER now. Thanks!
    @on1x1, 20-30 for one project:), thanks!
    @filescape, hi, please check your inbox for my message, thanks!
  • I'd like to test them if is possible, thanks.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @dimcik, np, just check your inbox, thanks~~
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    edited May 2014
    Hi all GSA SER users,
    I'm hotmailaccount from and I have sold email accounts for GSA SER users for a year and a half.

    As we know, Microsoft changed rules on hotmails/outlooks, all non-verified hotmails/outlooks cann't check mails by pop3 now, so hotmails/outlooks cann't working with GSA SER now, and we cann't create or domain accounts.
    We only can create outlook, but outlook is quite unreliable now. I tested outlook everyday, half outlooks will blocked in 2-3 days. I'll keep trying, when I can offer outlooks I'll update on this post asap.

    Yahoo account is the best choose for GSA SER now, And I offer 200 bonus for 1000 yahoo accounts order!

    Yahoo Accounts GSA SER format convert tool-->hxxp://

    If you need test accounts, just send me an email-->
    or post here, I'll PM you asap.

    If you have any question please let me know.

    Thanks all!
  • can yu give me 20 for test?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @on1x1, yes, please check your inbox, thanks~~
  • i will give a test now
  • what are the best for ser, today, yahoo or hotmail?
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