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Step-By-Step Process to Link Building For MOney Site By Using GSA-Want to Know Tips/Advices/Methods

nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
First of All sorry for my english im not a native speaker ... I browsed all the treads here as well as at BHW... but felt to ask those

Im a customer of  :

Captcha breaker
wicked article creator

and here are my questions :(

Normally what i do for T1 campaigns ..

Just scraping keywords by using Scrape-box ... Filling contents by using WAC and select quality platform such as web 2.0 ,wiki article directories...set PR 3 and up .... OBL 50  and some basic filters... (used to send backlinks to indexfication and finally stop since i got very bad resutls :( now i send only t2 t3 backlinks)

I want to know ...

How my fella users fill contents for t1 level ? any tools to use :/ (im lazy to do those manual even its best and no solution i can do that but my problem if i do manual that i have to fill just article only ? and not for comments and description ?

Also if i want to build quality backlinks directly to money site is it worth to buy GSA web 2.0 engine too ? and can you guys explain me one by one.,..
i have been using GSA SER for long time..but still newbie ....any help appciate ..step by step please :)


  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Appreciate users like
    Ozz :) Sven : Ron help  too :)  and all experts and explorers of GSA
  • Tim89Tim89
    Firstly, I use ArticleBuilder content, it's unique enough and readable so that's done.

    I do use GSA for tier 1's however the settings you've used seem to be a little overboard, you say you've selected only PR3 and above? Is this PR of domain or page?

    I'm unsure how you are able to get a decent amount of tier 1's with that setup, I would personally lower your PR filter, PR is coming to an end soon and it'll be worthless once googles patent expires.

    I always build links for the future, this allows me to build PR0/1 links and strengthen them by building tiers, we are creating our backlinks anyway, why not create their authority too? Eventually all of those PR0 links you've built will increase in PR and your money site will receive quite a nice boost!

    As for indexing, I too am using indexification however I personally think that their index rates have diminished.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Thank you for helping..yes! i was thinking about PR issue too..but i saw somewhere in the forum if build for T1 that would be great to use PR 3 or over... anyway i use PR for domain...

    And you said article builder yes i have Big Search Content too which similar to article content but my point they use only for articles not for other (article summery, description etc etc) so how do gonna fill rest of all by using article builder ? You only care only article quality ? can you more explain :) please ...

    Also can you sugest me some quality methods my english skills not good at all..:) btw i understand what you meant .. Thanks! Yes i feel to switch to Indexed or linkcilous : /  but still use indexfication...btw i use indexers only for T2 and t3 main problem is contents ..

    PS : If anyone can sugest me to use Scrape box with GSA will be great :)
  • goonergooner
    @nawshale - Article Builder is pretty good, the only problem is that it doesn't have every niche imaginable.

    SER is integrated with Article Builder so you can auto insert an article, for summary/description i just copy and paste in first paragraph of the article, for website title etc you can use title of article. Very easy and takes a minute or less to do for each project.

    I wouldn't bother with PR or OBL filters if i were you, in the overall picture they don't make much difference to your rankings/results.

    For indexing i am using Lindexed, works fine for me and is pretty cheap, $25/month for 50,000 submissions per day.

    Hope that helps.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Thank you :) i use Big Search Content same like Article builder like you said its unable to find all kind of artcles .. Another Question ?? Do i have to put articles exactly with Excact keywords ? with 1% density ?

    Example if my keyword is " USA Air line tickets  do i have to add same exact keyword to artcles ? or its ok to just go with even Air Tickets ?? SOrry i want to do GSA for best like everyone ..

    :) appreciate here helping Thanks!
  • goonergooner
    @nawshale - You are welcome.

    You don't need to worry about keyword density on the articles.

    For example, i have a site in the nursing niche, there is no content for that on Article Builder so i just use any medical articles, totally unrelated and the site still ranks well.

    It doesn't really matter what you use, as long as it is not junk it will pass a human review and you will be fine :)
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
  • It's a simpler version of the methods detailed by @ozz and @ron
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited September 2013
    Everyone has different ways that work for them, but personally, I disagree with a lot of the 'Guide' posted in your link.

    What you are trying to achieve (if it's a site that you care about) is a "Natural" looking link profile.

    If you follow that guide you will end up with;

    A tier 1 that is all dofollow links on domains that are all PR3 and above, and only made up of "article sites, bookmarks, social networks & video sites" - Not natural looking at all.

    IMHO The more diverse your tier 1 the better.

    Also, forum profiles, blog comments, directories etc are not inherently bad. In fact would it not be natural for a webmaster to be active on a few forums (and put his url in his profile) or comment on some relevant blogs and link back to his site (using his name) as the anchor text?

    I gave up reading the rest at that point.

    If you want to follow a guide, you would be far better to follow the ones on this forum by @ron or @ozz as a starting point, but remember to always test things out for yourself to see what works for you.
  • ronron

    Hey @2Take2, glad you mentioned this. It is not a course on linkbuilding - it's more of a picture on how to set up tiers on SER intelligently so you don't waste a lot of time.

    I agree with your main point which is to have diversity. I do 'one off' projects where I throw in other link types, but I just don't tier underneath them because I have more important needs with other projects. I just don't shoot a lot of these types of links at the moneysite (or any type of link for that matter).

    You brought up another point which is important as well. This forum is really not an SEO forum. Inevitably it comes up because that is what we are all doing. So long as people understand that if you want to learn seo, there are plenty of seo forums out there. I try to help people out here and there, but that's about it. 

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    I have followed your Diagram ...and im on it.. I really want to learn GSA SER in proper way .Also im not a native english speaker . So sorry if this tread not suit to this forum also anyone can tell me

    Is it worth to buy SER Engine too ?
  • ronron
    edited September 2013

    I don't use it so I can't give you real feedback on it. I would compare all different options and do your research. Whatever you do, it will cost you (money + time), and you have to make sure it fits your plan.

    I would look at SER Engines, Rankwyz, FCS Networker and Ultimate Demon for starters. This is one decision that took me a long time to figure out because there are drawbacks to each solution. And this isn't even a full list, but probably the most used.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Im gona sign up for SER ENGINE ill let them know all of you :) my progress .Thank you
  • @ron, yeah, I hear what you're saying. 

    @nawshale - I  think that it's difficult, as lots of people post lots of 'guides' on certain other forums because they've read something somewhere, put a spin on it, and made it sound like it should work (normally to gain +REP), without ever having even tested it out themselves. - Read Lots, but test even more.

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