IP getting slapped when using proxies?

2Take22Take2 UK
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Hi @Sven, On my VPS I'm finding that sometimes my IP is getting slapped by Google, even though I'm using proxies.

If I stop SER and then try to open up my web browser and search for something I get the captcha request.

I only run SER on it (24/7) and always use at least 20 semi dedicated proxies.

Edit: I also have the proxy settings to stop on no active proxies, and restart on active proxies (but I never get them all blocked anyway).

Any Ideas?


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    Did U mark your proxies as private and check everything? Your IP never leaks with the correct settings.
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    I've only experienced this when I did was using senuke are you sure your vps is private and not shared? It could be something simple like another user using your vps using senuke hence triggering those captchas

    That is ofcourse if you've correctly set up your proxy settings in GSA.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Thanks for the replies.

    It only happens occasionally, but these are the settings that I'm using;

    Edit: AFAIK my VPS is not shared and neither is the IP.



  • Any ideas anyone?
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
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    Settings look ok to me, i had a similar thing whereby my VPS supplier notified me of spam complaints against the IP. I had the same settings as you so i asked them to take a look and see for themselves and they agreed everything was set up correctly.

    They suggested the proxies must have been "leaking". Maybe that could be the problem for you?
  • @gooner, thanks mate, I'll get onto buyproxies and see what they have to say about it.

    How was your situation resolved, did they just swap the proxies and all was well?
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
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    @2take2 - A guy from Solidseovps looked over my configuration and said everything was ok, so i just left it at that. A few days later my proxies were changed for the month (also buyproxies) and i've heard nothing about it since.

    To be honest i would doubt it was true because i've never come across anything like that, but they did send me copies of the spam complaints, and now your IP banning confirms it i guess.

  • @gooner, I've not heard anything from the VPS provider, just noticed that my IP gets slapped on google search from time to time, and also that I'm on a couple of the spam blacklists.

    I'm not too worried about it at the moment, but it could become a problem as I'm considering getting shot of the VPS and running SER off of a home computer instead.
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    Yea i hear u, it's not good especially on your home pc.
    Hopefully buyproxies will shed some light on it mate.
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    I wish I saw this earlier.

    You do not want that box checked below:


    Private proxies may go 'off' for a second or two, but they come back within seconds (every couple of months you may end up with a bad proxy that needs to be replaced, but that's not what I am talking about here). Never disable private proxies if down. If one by one your proxies are detected as dead (when they really aren't), you will end up with no proxies. My very first thread on this forum was exactly about my IP leaking, which led to that setting, and the one below:


    You have that one covered, so I don't think that is the cause. Just uncheck that one to disable private proxies. In theory that has nothing to do with using your IP, but my problems went away when I didn't disable private proxies.

  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    ohhh i had that option selected too, that might explain it.
    Thanks for the explanation @ron
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    No guarantees here, but I think that will help. One thing for sure is that you will be firing on all cylinders with your proxies, and your LPM will be at the maximum for your settings.

    If you want to see what I mean, go into your proxy area and test all proxies against google. See if one or two fail. Then retry those failed ones right away. Almost without exception they will be successful. It could be line noise, whatever...but if you kill those proxies the instant there is a hiccup, you will be without proxies very quickly. And who knows what can happen in a multithreaded application with hundreds of threads if you have no proxies. Ideally, that second setting should save your rear end.

  • @Ron - Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation and advice.

    Actually, It makes perfect sense, as thinking about it, it normally happens when I'm running at highish LPM.

    I will give it a try, and let you all know how I get on.

    Thanks again
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    this happened to me also several times,
    specially with semi-private proxies
    now since a week on private
    google slaps seem to be of temporary nature after a few hrs testing OK again

    what about your top picture
    x select if anonymous
    x remove non-anonymous proxies
    anonymous test very sow and need a time-out much longer for testing proxy else all fail anonymous test

  • Thanks for the reply @hans51

    All of my proxies are showing as anonymous in the list, but out of interest, what would you advise that I set the timeout to?
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Just to update anyone who's interested...

    After contacting the proxy company and them kindly swapping my proxies for a new list, the problem seems to have gone away.
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    But you also did what I said with the settings. I would just make sure that you also change your settings as that is what fixed it for me.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Hi @ron, I changed the settings as you suggested first (thanks for that), just to make sure that everything was spot on my end, but found that I was still getting my IP dinged when I logged on today.

    I contacted the VPS provider and they were confident that if it wasn't my settings then it must be the proxies.

    Interestingly, and I don't know how true this is, they also said that if your proxies are prone to leaking then the problem will be worse if they are shared, as you will also get your IP slapped quicker and more often.

    I then contacted the proxy provider and asked them to test them for me, and they just sent me a new list which seems to be working fine.

  • ronron SERLists.com
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    That's good info. Glad you followed up.
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
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    @2take2 - Same end solution as me then, still it's a bit worrying that they just swap out the proxies and offer no explanation or assurance it won't happen again. Glad you got it sorted though.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    @Gooner, thanks mate, but yes very frustrating indeed. However, they did offer an explanation, but it's not worth posting it here as it sounded a bit far fetched to say the least.
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    for proxy testing from HOME PC
    I set it to 45-60 seconds
    it takes anywhere from 1 second to many dozens of seconds just for the testing
    that depends on how busy your own line is

    on VPS of course its shorter
    if a proxy test is time-out, then it is by definition dead
    hence better give enough time to always have active proxies

    your waiting time 1 second between SE use for the small number of proxies you have
    to me that seems extremely HIGH

    but it appears HERE normal that VPS users hammer the proxy

    my proxy provider offered a recommendation
    1/3 of proxy number as threads

    for SB I use 45-60 seconds waiting between SE use
    50 private (dedicated proxies)

    even then if I use precise high matching footprints and exotic G countries
    sometimes I get hammered after just a few queries

    may be some queries with globally known accurate footprints are 'BLACKLISTED ??

    what ever is personal choice and experience
    it depends on keywords ordinary keywords I can query for hours w/o any problems
    but results less useful

    I noticed that sometimes to do all slower yields to higher result and more submissions / verifications than faster

    to avoid hammering by G, I do almost all target searching w/o SE using creative SB
    and only submission / PR with SER

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    @hans51 "may be some queries with globally known accurate footprints are 'BLACKLISTED ??"

    Im very sure about that. im not really scraping any more and finding my targets different, but i noticed that proxies get banned extremely fast (like after 20 queries) if youre using obvious stuff like "inurl:register" etc. etc.

    No normal user would do that. And we are fighting against an army of Ph.D. , working around the clock to stop us (well, thats how i imagine this ;) ) and every idea we have, they probably had that idea too. So you can be more than sure that they ban you if you use queries like that.

    Im using some "creative" SB tactics now too, to find new targets if i need them, scraping is a real pain in the arse actually..


  • @hans51, thanks a lot for taking the time to explain all that, really appreciate it, and will test some of your settings to see how I get on.

    @startrip, when scraping I set my connections in scrapebox to be around 20% of the total number of (semi dedicated) proxies that I've got and never have any problems with them getting banned, even using footprints like "inurl:YourSpammyKeyword" - I only ever seem to run into problems if I forget to load up some public ones for PR and index checking.
  • @startrip
    I no longer scrape but use SB based on that idea found on another forum:


    I use a modified version of above and filter OFFLINE using a bash script and offline footprints on my Linux workstation,
    then import target files to SER on a win7

    when running SER on quality targets, my best experience is/was on LOW threads because
    - lots of successful registration = more email verification (very time consuming here in my situation) and more upload for successfully registered sites ( I do almost only articles = more upload volume requiring more time / longer html timeout (90 seconds minimum to 120 sec max)

    SB without scraping gives me easily 1 million or more URLs per day on a slow connection shared with SER that works 24/7 with interruptions for maintenance only

    it works fine and brings even on a very slow broadband connection enough successful target URLs to keep SER busy
    the last run I did yielded in 1.0 million harvested URLs > converted after filtering into some 8000 potentiaol submission targets

    and the conversion ratio submitted to verified is much higher than when scraping
    usually about 25-40% are verified immediately

    final result:

    • SER submits more  depending on MY target list - quality fed into SER usually resulting in 2x more LpM than normal SER+scraping operation
    • no proxy hammered because no scraping done for target harvesting
    • scraping only done for small test runs to elaborate my own offline footprints
    • may be I could soon drop my 50 dedicated proxies and do the little proxy related work like PR by using fast high quality public proxies ...


    working in KH, I have a connection of total max 2MBs shared with multiple users here = my own share usually is 256kBs max 512kBs = VERY different from guys in EU or US or working on VPS :)

    there is NO fast 3.75G or 4G here and no ISP offers more than 2MBs

    there always are solutions to success even with limited resources

  • >>> there always are solutions to success even with limited resources

    youre right, i saw that with mexican engineers who had to repair cars with the most basic tools. they became the best technicians in the world because they were so limited and dependant on their skill.

    would you mind telling me what KH is?

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