How many projects can i run simultaneously

Now I am running 5 projects together and 2 of them are tier 2 and others are tier 1 and several platforms from article submission.
Am i doing right? 
In this case hoe many threads and HTML timeout should I put? 


  • SvenSven
    60 seconds should be fine.
  • what about threads and timeout?
    and how many projects can I run for getting the best results???
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    As many projects/threads until you reach your MEM limit (get out of memory warning). Sorry I can't give exact numbers. But the more threads, the higher your timeout should be. Also watch that your router/system network can handle that much traffic.
  • Accepted Answer

    in my experience without using the scraper i can run 70 projects at the same time. But for best performance and link velocity i would run 35.

    Using the scraper i would not run more than 20 projects.

    Another thing that helps is disabling link verification

    Hope this helps
  • Tim89Tim89
    scraper uses threads, if you're using the scraper then you'd need to increase your threads to compensate for the links being built, it's up to your MEM and internet speed for the rest.
  • My dedi (8 GB DDR3 RAM) runs with 180 threads and since 6.60 or whatever it hits "get out of memory warning" after 1 day running. I dont earlier versions running with 260 threads without problems (DEDI runs only with SER, Indexer and CB).

    Any information on this?
  • Indexer is quite consuming aswell, you might want to only run one of the applications
  • I want to know also when i increase threads the html timeout should increase or decrease?

  • cherubcherub UK
    Accepted Answer
    You should increase the html timeout; more threads equals more bandwidth usage, and more bandwidth usage means that html may take longer to download.
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