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Using same email on multiple projects

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Is there a reason to NOT use the same email on multiple projects? Maybe I should explain a little better before I have a bunch of people jumping on this. I understand that when blasted a lot an email will get banned. And that would be the main reason for not doing it.

I have one site that I have 50+ internal pages that I want to do linking for individually. It is an Amazon affiliate site and the pages all have different keywords that I want to rank them for (product related). I created individual projects for each of them and right now have the email of all of them set to the same account. I only plan on building 10-20 links/day for each page. I still may end up posting too much for one email account.

But I was wondering more from a programatic or strategic there a (good) reason to not do this?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    So you're saying 1 email for 50 projects? I'd rather break it up to 1 email per 10 projects. This way you have less chance of getting blacklisted. Also - big hassle to change that one email for 50 projects every time it gets blacklisted! 
  • There are some reasons to not use only one email.

    Reason#1: You want to delete all emails after verification to keep the numbers of emails to verify low
    Reason#2: You split your projects into "High-Risk-To-Blacklist"-Platforms like Forums, Blog Comments and use another email for "safer" platforms, so you just need to change those high-risk-emails.
    Reason#3: Many platforms like web2.0 only allow one email per account, so you need some different emails to post to them regularly.

    Solution to the "email issue" is to get an catchall-email. I created one a week ago and I can punch me in the face everytime why I didn't do that sooner.

    In your case you should be fine with only a few emails. 1 could be enough, but if you post to some high-risks-platforms or email verification takes too long than I would add some more email addresses.
  •'s kind of a pain either way...that's why I was asking.

    If I put one email on each project, then I waste a bunch of emails (maybe it is worth it?).

    If I only use one, there is more of a chance it will go bad and I will have to replace it on all of them.

    If I split into 10 like you suggest, this helps decrease the chance of them being blacklisted, but it makes the "replacing" part harder. How do I know which 10 projects I used that email on? I guess I would have to change the project names or put them in some kind of sub-group (that would probably be best).
  • Ozz...I have used catch-all emails for a couple other things that I have done (not with GSA SER). I have a couple questions about using them here?

    1.) Do you use ONE for ALL your projects?
    2.) I have seen Sven indicate that he prefers to use Hotmail because no one is ever going to blacklist Don't you worry about your domain being blacklisted since all your emails will be coming from your one domain?
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    1) yes, so far I'm using them for all of my projects, but that are not so many atm, so it might be ok. I'm using an extra domain for this that is not related to my main projects.
    2) can't tell you that so far. @Hunar is the one who can answer this question at best I think. You could always buy another info-domain for a few bucks though.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @DavidA2 - the reason for groups of 10 rather than 50 emails, is remember that checking them is also a pain! Otherwise you have to check 50 emails to see if they are blacklisted. Whereas, in a set of 10 you have only 5 checks to do. Just use a group for each email set. 

    @Ozz - 'You want to delete all emails after verification to keep the numbers of emails to verify low" 
    1) If you use a catchall, Sven suggested a regular clear of the entire account every so often. Wasn't sure if he meant weekly or monthly. How often do you clear the main catchall? (as if you have 50 projects, after 3 months, the amount of spam and time/resources for GSA to check through them all will be high!) 
    2) Are you using the delete all in inbox, or only the GSA verified emails setting?
  • I deleted my emails today for the first time, but it depends on how many threads/projects you are using. My weekly schedule include to delete emails from now on along with verify-check, etc.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I was thinking weekly too - just need to setup the catchall when I have more time. Are you using the delete all in inbox, or only the GSA verified emails setting?
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Today I verified emails first, than re-verify all verifications, than verify emails again and after that I deactivated all projects exept for one. 
    I changed the option for this project to delete all emails and did an email verification. Don't know if this works though.

    PS: Please note that I have "15 minutes waiting time" in email-varification activated. Because of that I used the waiting time to re-varification.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks. Why are you using the 15 minutes waiting time? I saw the thread where this was requested/added and thought it only applied to directory submissions where there is often a delay. Or have you enabled it because you are using a catchall? 
  • I just think that it is enough to check the email account 4 times per hour.
  • edited October 2012
    I would like to chime it a bit, as quite a few things are bugging me about how emails are handled in general. .. check out this screen shot.

    A, Is it  1 , or 2 or how many times on this list........ before it is considered a toasted email?

    B. Why cant we add a color shift to the project display if an email account has been toasted? I am running
     about 30 projects, with two tiers, and no way I am going to check them all the time , etc...seems
    some minor tweaks would be useful to everybody? 

    I am using unique email per project. btw.  
  • edited October 2012
    @robertsrt - good question, I have seen this on my accounts many times and as as soon as there is one reference I change it out. My thinking is that most users are making use the of API on their respective platforms and probably one reference is enough to blacklist to all API users just as Askimet does for WP.

    Another thing about emails is whether we can spin the name for those of us whom are using catchalls - I can see {test1|test2|test3} works in the preview but does it work in reality I am not so certain perhaps Sven can answer that....

    When I get a few mins I will post a thread about how I use catchalls and as many domains as I want for $10, been using this method for 3+ years and never had a problem so far... ;)
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    >I can see {test1|test2|test3} works in the preview but does it work in reality

    It works.

    You can spin it with first names, last names, numbers....
  • @robertr, since i use SFS myself to protect some forums and pligg sites from spammers :D

    ... one entry is enough, and its end game for this email on all SFS protected sites, depends on the setting what each owner puts there, but with the flood of spam, i guess all put it to the maximum most heavy settings, so once mentioned in SFS, trash the email

    cause posts might still get thru and verified but just till next review, and then its a one click button to killspam all your stuff on the full project

  • oiloil
    edited October 2012

    i just regged two mail domains for further use of catch alls like  ozz mentioned,

    wasnt sure if it will cause problems between projects, like

    project1 uses
    project2 uses

    so when SER project1 is checking for emails,
    it will naturally find, and verify all email also the ones from project2,

    i just wasnt sure if it project2 wouldnt have any issues not finding the emails to verify anymore
    cause the check of project1 parsed them already

    but it seems ozz doing fine with it, so shouldnt be a issue?

  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    did you make sure that catchall is supported by your hoster?

    i've installed my catchall with cPanel. because of that I can only give advice how to do that with cPanel and I only use one domain for that so far. I'm not sure if you can use 2 catchall if you don't have 2 different hosters.
  • edited October 2012
    @Oil This was what I was getting at earlier. I am hoping that the verification is based upon the total submitted email address and not the root domain....
  • @ozz u can use as many catchalls on the same server as u like so long as catchalls per sea are supported.
  • thanks. good to know.
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