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SER upgrade over-writes file "content_search"

SER upgrades over-writes file "content_search"


You have several popups asking to overwrite or NOT existing files when installing an upgrade

the one overwrite protection currently missing in your overwrite protection list for upgrades is the "content_search" which might be edited for local picture search.

may be you can add a popup question to save personalized "content_search" as well ?

may be instead of overwriting such files - ADD the new version with a NEW file extension
the latter is a common method to protect personalized config files in the Linux-world.
this method allows the user to view newest files and see if anything new and useful might be added to his personalized configuration.


I noticed you do lots of improvements / upgrades and sometimes the download is quiet slow, even aborted = time out sometimes.

did you ever consider offering your upgrades via BITTORRENT files ??

it saves YOUR server resources and is lightening fast = much faster than an average direct server download. (for example offers the download of the entire OS (4+ GB) and is done even HERE in KH in less than 1 hr


  • SvenSven

    Im no fan of torrents and the majority of our customers have no clue how to handle that.

    But the file is no longer auto overwritten on future updates. I am thinking of making this one file per parser anyway so you should not be bothered unless you name your parser the same as the one in the default list. But that might come later.

  • edited September 2013
    :) your choice about torrent
    good for overwriting protection in future

    I was no fan of torrents neither until i NEEDED them for the time beyond my time here. as a farmer son I was born and grown up without internet = all else I had to self-study when needed to speed up my work or make my life esier

    ppl can learn though - may be = that's one of the purpose of life = to learn and progress
    the suggestion just was for YOUR  server resources saved + time for download saved

    it's something that is scripted once on your side
    and all else as usual

    I  thought that SER users are kind of SEO professionals

    I thought that ppl who can hotlink and link the crap out of this world also have brain to understand need to save resources and make life more simple and resource-efficient

    depending on YOUR installer
    all could be absolutely same
    one single click to download
    but only one single upload from your side - all else by seeding of customers (specially those on VPS)
  • Tim89Tim89
    I don't like torrents blah. blah blah. Blah.
  • to like / use or not is part of individual freedom we have
  • Tim89Tim89
    @hans51 I could state the same thing about you requesting the conversion to torrent updates.
  • I love speed
    and I love efficiency and resource-saving

    = it's more environment friendly

    and all beneficiaries contribute to expenses
    rather than one paying for all
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