How Often Do You Set Tier 2 And Above For?

Ok I got myself on a schedule that has been working for me so far. As I look at it though I am wondering something. How often are you guys doing Tier 2 and above (meaning tier 3 ,4 etc) to your tier 1 links.

Example. Lets say I got 100 Tier 1 web 2.0 links. I will through tier 2 links to them on Monday. Finish the job with about 500 Tier 2 links at it. Now would you STOP that campaign OR would you go back the next week or a few days later and do more Tier 2 links? Just wondering how many times are you going to hit the same Tier 1 links with Tier 2 and higher? 1x? 2x? 3x more?


  • goonergooner
    Most people recommend around 10 links per url per day for tier 2.
    If you do it like that then you can just set the amount you want per day and forget about it.
    Hope that helps.
  • Sorry, i am a newbie and i d like to understand.

    You mean:
    1. Tier 1: Tumblr,wordpress...
    2. Tier 2: whois / stats websites that point to Tier 1 websites.
  • @gooner, I am doing a hell of a lot more then that...I have seen 2 of my new sites break the top 100 and also hit page 1 #1 for the EMD.....I am testing my schedule but your suggestion seems very small to me but if it is working for you then that is good.

    @Bloup, yes but I would use the whois/stats as a tier 3 or tier 2 is wikis, articles and bookmarks. I do only high pr 2.0 sites as tier 1
  • goonergooner
    @domainer - That's good glad to hear it's going well, it wasn't really my suggestion it's just what i have read as best practice.

    My opinion is that quantity of tier 2's doesn't really make much difference, aside from indexing the tier 1's faster.

    It's all about the tier 1's for me.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited September 2013
    I think that the number of tier 2 links that you would build really depends on what you are doing and the resources that you have available.

    10 x tier 2 links per tier 1 url is a common figure that's mentioned for at least two reasons.

    1. If you have 100 tier one URLs most people would have the resources to build 1000 tier 2s, and then possibly 10,000 tier 3s - you can build more, but it depends on your resources, and eventually you will probably see diminishing returns, as opposed to just building more tier 1s and repeating the process.

    2. It depends on the quality of your tier 1 links - there's no point in building lots of links to them if they are likely to get deleted by the site owners, so in some cases building more than 10 per url could be a massive waste of resources.

    Everyone has their own ways of doing things, and their own ways that work for them, but personally, if I'm going the tiered route, I just build a contextual tier 2 project and a spam tier 2 project, and then shoot about 50 links at each tier 1 url. But that would be using manually spun content for the tier 1s that's unlikely to get deleted.

    I Don't normally bother with a tier 3 per se, just a spam project to help try to index the tier 2 contextuals.

  • I personally leave tier 2 / 3 running almost constantly. Ill have it running for 8 hours through the day. Shut it down for a couple of hours, then turn it back on and leave it over night. Turn it off for a few hours and repeat.

    I suppose the more tier 1 links you have the better. I personally wouldn't leave a campaign with only 5 tier 1 links running like this for example.

    This is just what i do however, its in no way a best practice, what im doing could be "wrong", however i've noticed my money site move upto pages 1 & 2 in google using this method for keywords that i wasn't even hitting the top 100 for.

    This has happened in the space of 2 weeks or so.
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