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Premium Verified SEO Auto Approve Lists - Put your GSA SER on steroids

Do you know that using free site lists can hurt your rankings ?!

Using our unique seo sites lists, tools and tutorials you will be able to create QUALITY, FRESH backlinks every month and skyrocket your rankings. Save yourself the time and frustration to find out good places to blast your backlinks and start climbing to the top of Google:

ScrapeBrokers presents the newest high authority all in one link building package for use with your favorite seo tool - GSA Search Engine Ranker . Say goodbye to the tedious work required to find and collect these seo lists because you will never have to worry about them anymore! Just download the lists , place them in GSA SER and blast away to thousands of instant, high quality, not spammed backlinks!

What's in the package
SEO Lists
  • 1600 Article Directories separated by type (Article Beach, WordPress,PHPLD Article, Article Friendly, Article Script etc)
  • 1630 Bookmarking sites split by type (Pligg, PHPDug, Scutle, Scuttle Plus etc)
  •  689 Social Blogs sites split by type (PHPIzabi, Jcow, Dolphin, Elgg, PHPFox, BuddyPress, Drupal etc)
  •  450 Directories sites split by type (PHPLD, PHPWeby etc)
  •  250 Press Release and News Posting sites
  •  640 Wiki sites split by type (WikiMedia, DocuWiki, WikkaWiki etc)
  •   31 RSS Directories
  •  476 Manually DoFollow High PR Seo URLs
  •  ++ many more. There are 30 different website platforms we support

Auto-Approve Blog Lists
  • 133345 (133K) FRESH Unique Auto-Approve URLs
  •  11859 Unique Auto-Approve Domains
  •  1839 High PR (1-7) Auto Approve urls on 966 domains
  •  1067 Unique Auto-Approve DoFollow URL’s on 122 domains
  •  1448 DoFollow and High PR urls perfectly to increase your Page Rank
  •   431 .EDU Unique Auto Approve url on 65 edu domains

Auto Approve – Trackbacks

Trackbacks are a great new way to get your backlink on many sites that are not open to regular blog comments. These blogs have many pages with extremely low OBL and high pagerank. These lists are all compatible with Scrapebox Trackbacks poster and other trackbacks sending software like GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  • 46472 Auto Approve Trackback URL’s on 4435 Unique Domains
  •  3970 High Pr Auto Approve Trackbacks
  •   595 Edu Auto Approve Trackback URL’s

Auto Approve DoFollow High PR Account required

These manually commenting dofollow high pr blog pages will improve SERP and Keep Your ranking top in Google. All blog pages are from different domains and all Pages are auto approved. So you will get a high pr dofollow PR1 PR 7 backlink instantly. All Pages are already Indexed Well in Search Engines and have lOW Out Bound links rate. 536+ DoFollow High PR Low OBL Pack (hot).

Slow Poster List

SlowPoster lists are very powerful low obl urls. Many websites/blogs use an image captcha to moderate their comments so using these lists will guarantee you a large amount of low OBL. (Use them only with Captha Braker so you will not get your deathbycaptcha, decaptcher account emptied fast.)
  • 7841 Slow Poster Auto Approve URL’s
  •  268 Slow Poster Do-Follow URLs
  •  360 .EDU links on 34 .EDU Domains

Goodies and Bonuses
  • Footprints and keywords so you can scrape your own sites
  • Guides for seo tools
  • Instructions on how to import these lists in your SEO tool
  • Unadvertised bonuses
Each list contained in this package is tested multiple times before release. The lists are run through backlinks analyzer and live check at least three times each, removing 404'd links, unknown platforms and timed out links. By following these strict quality control guidelines, it insures you are receiving the highest quality and longest lasting lists.


Why  ScrapeBrokers packages are better

I have to confess: I really like to stay ahead of the competition so that’s why I purchase most of the lists, video courses and the e-books I can find online every month related to SEO and SEO tools in particular just to see what others are selling and how I can improve my product.
  • 100% compatible with GSA SER - I’ve personally tested the package with GSA SER and other SEO tools and saved only the websites that are working wth this tools. Why to loose precious time and money on chaptcahs, testing and removing the garbage ?! I did that for you
  • Limited number of copies - In order to prevent spam or abuse of my lists I sell limited copies. Also I track down leachers.
  • Sites are split by type and engine used - Each site type and engine have is own list
  • 100% malware and porn free websites - All links have been tested against malware and viruses. Also we filter the sites containing common porn keywords to make sure the sites that pass are not virused or penalized by big G.
  • Presale and post sale support - All my customers can contact me anytime with their questions and I answer right away (This is not difficult for me as I stay around 10-12 hours online each day)

Testimonials (please submit yours)


“Hey Scrapebrokers team. Your lists for seo and auto approve lists help me to achieve great rankings. Before using your lists I was paying thousands monthly to several seo providers that offered me nothing but problems. Now I do SEO myself and I take care  to be done the way google loves it. I really appreciate all your help and tools”- ScrapeBrokers Happy Customer

Grab a copy and start building quality backlinks

Use coupon code SVENTHEMAN to get a 10% discount for all GSA users
Instant Download after purchase. When the package is sold out we will send to all customers an update with fresh lists.
List released: October 14 2013

About me

 My name is Dennis, I'm 27 and for more than two years I provide premium lists and seo tools resources to my customers. I started this business after I've seen so many webmasters and small agencies trying desperately to grab resources for their SEO tools so I was thinking: If I spend so much time harvesting and testing links why shouldn't I share them with my members for a small fee ? At the moment I  own several servers working 24/7 for scrapping, testing and retesting link lists. I really enjoy working with SEO tools and learning new tricks every day. 

  • Post on this thread or PM me
  • Use the helpdesk located at
  • Skype: scrapebrokers (I really enjoy meeting new persons so don;t hesitate)
  • YM:
This product is instantly delivered after purchase. As we sell a limited number of copies and don't want our lists to get in hands of porn/pills spammers there will be no refunds. All the sales are final. If you are unhappy with the purchase contact us and we will work it out.


  • I bought this list today. It's worth it. There's more than just the site lists in the zip you receive. Has extras. Good information. Helpful Scraebox ready files etc.
  • Thank you Chris for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
  • give me a 50% discount  or review! thanks hehe
  • Interesting offer tgoogle but I have to pass :) Thanks for taking the time to check my thread btw.
  • can you please precise your
    "Limited number of copies - In order to prevent spam or abuse of my lists I sell limited copies"

    how many copies for each list-set you sell before creating new list?
  • Hello Hans. Thank you for your interest in my product. I stop selling the set when I hit 40 sales or when  the month ends whatever comes first. As we are on Sept 22 I think this month I will sell below 40 copies as I've released the list on Sept 13 way after the start of the month.

    So the list are always working and are still fresh.
  • BTW
    your title question
    Do you know that using free site lists can hurt your rankings ?!"
    is good marketing  ... :)

    do you know that sold site lists can hurt your rankings too ?!"
    if sold too many copies and re-shared too many times ...

    do you know that ppl can even share for free LIMITED number of lists without hurting rankings??

    it all is about how you do what you do

    I am about to purchase your list - a once in a lifetime purchase TO COMPENSATE for last nights loss of all my target lists only. I have very limited www resources and scraping thousands of quality sites is nealry impossible even with SB

    I am aware that this purchase CAN hurt my rankings because I am aware that some ppl may share your 40 copies per list and thus it spreads like a virus until the list is dead

    IMO 3-4 copies would be enough per list

    everything in life can have 2 or more sides - you can use/abuse one side or show all sides to all

  • edited September 2013
    Thanks for your comments Hans.

    I sell custom lists for over two years and I speak from experience : None of my customers do not share the lists online. They may use it with 1-2 friends I agree with that but none of my lists are shared online. No one pays $39.95 and then share the list in the wild to make it worthless. The only persons that share my lists are the ones that purchase with stolen credit cards/fake paypal etc but I hunt them down and If I find my lists shared I report them and get the lists removed coz as I said I dont want my lists shared online as it hurts my customers and my reputation.

    If you want to try my anti piracy skills you can purchase and then share :) 
  • I have more important things to do than testing other ppl's skills
    I have a full time job that requires full attention and allows zero problems

    I just saw that on your website you have a small gift of free list
    it appears many taken of UD default list .... = a gift of little value because used by many
    I used UD for 2 months and never was happy with their built in list

    I just purchased 50 dedicated proxy in exchange of my previous 30 semi-dedicated proxy to see what can be done to create a truly unique list
  • edited September 2013
    Well Hans don't want to be rude but if you don't have time to test things then please do not make assumptions on other people's business. 

    Take it as an advice, if you allow, of course. I've learned the hard way that especially in internet marketing you better test tings before taking a decision as the results in practice may be way different that I assume on the beginning.

    Good luck creating your own 'truly unique lists'. I have nothing against people that have the money,skills and time to scrape sites by themselves. Btw what do you mean by truly unique lists ? A list with sites not indexed in google ? Coz as soon as the websites are indexed in Google will be found by others as well.

    Take for example or Everybody know these two sites but yet if you create backlinks on blogs hosted on this two site, are powerful and considered by Google.
  • unique = no same sites than other lists
    with some 40 yrs of computer experience and 16+ yrs of web publishing (incl server admin) experience I have my own methods and am sure you know what you do as well.

    testing links or systems or technology is a different test than the one YOU proposed to test your "anti piracy skills" !!
  • Nice offer - lots of potential - Couple of  questions here dough ?

    1. I noticed that you are offering this service for the last 2 years or so ? How was that massive list changed for that period of time - how does it differ one from another ?
    2. Why is it a monthly subscription ? - what does that subscription include anyway ?
    3. Can you separate the Dofollow from the Nofollow links in percentage ?
    4. How likely are most URLs to be handled with Captcha Sniper or GSA Captcha ?
    5. What are the URL Pages PR to this current moment ? Everybody knows that Google hasn't pushed an update recently, so I will be more likely to know the MOZ Rank than the PR ?

    Thanks for your time answering my questions ! Regards
  • Thank you for your encouragements DoubleKGK.


    1.  Yes we sell lists for over two years. Check one of our 1st sales thread about scrapebox list created in July 2011 - Since then we improved our service every month and stayed ahead of the competition and othe other hand also changed our offer to make it 'Google compatible' If I can say that :
    - We added SEO lists (can be used with GSA SER and other seo tools)
    - Added footprints and keywords file so users can scrape their own lists
    - Added separate files for AA lists so users can send backlinks only to DoFollow Lists or only to High PR, Edu etc
    - Added Manually Blogs High PR up to 7 DoFollow for manual link building
    - Added Templates and SEO Tools (link checker, platform scranner, pr checker etc)
    - Sites filters have been improved etc
    So in this two years I can say that our services really improved a lot and will continue to.

    2. You have all details of the monthly subscription on Check the description there and you will see exactly what continues. Basically the subscription is focused more on SEO traning and SEO agency accounts rather than the lists. The lists are created for users that  do not liek subscription but want plug and play lists like the ones we offer. You do not have to purchase the subscription in orer to use our lists pack. You can simply do the one time purchase and use the lists as long as you like.

    3) At the moment no. We have separate lists for DoFollow links on auto approve blogs but on other lsits we do not. There are normal percentages as we do not target only dofollow or only no follow links

    4) I am using the following setup: GSA CB then MegaOcr then DeathByCaptcha. Most of the captchas are decoded by GSA CB and MegaOcr.

    5) Yes we started to focus on MOZ data too especially on bog network but for the moment the info we offer for the lists is PR. Each csv file contains url and a column with PR so you can see and select onyl sites with desired PR.

    Thank you as well for your interest in our product,

  • Some 2 days ago I purchased your september list package.

    since then I work day and night to convert the list into something useful.

    First I extracted all PR3 and above
    from mainlist
    and all other lists relevant to me, such as all article sites and wiki pages

    then I stopped my SER and activated a special project just for testing,
    - import target URLs


    NO single NEW submission at all !!!
    all sites already existed in my new SER (active since approx July 16)

    It is obvious that your link list has FAR too many LOWEST PR links
    many multiple domain URLs = it seems NO single list is de-duped by domain
    many DEAD links ( one list I split into small lists and made a SB live check)
    result was an average of around 35% of all links were DEAD

    Here a FEW examples about PR

    for example your list: September_AutoApprove_Mainlist_PR.txt

    has some 105'000 links and approximately (BEFORE live-link check with SB !!!)

    • 120 (one hundred twenty) have PR3 or above = highest is PR5
    • 325 PR2
    • 896 PR1
    • 1792 PR0
    • 101'875 PR N/A
    I looked into all (most?) other smaller link lists, it seems all are similar similar
    also your article directories or wiki lists are SMALL and mostly LOWEST PR or PR N/A

    it is obvious that you created this list automatically and with minimum efforts
    and targeted this september list mainly at CREATIVE SB users and NOT really for GSA SER users!

    is the list worthless FOR ME?
    YES from a )relative) direct submission point of view = see above = ZERO new submissions / verified links


    well worth the 39.x $ minus 10 $ discount for SER users if used for SB to START to search and create MY OWN list

    I am a lucky SB (new since a few days only) user on slow www connection in a third world country

    and I make CREATIVE SB use = avoiding SE use when ever possible,
    to create / find thousands of HIGH PR sites by using YOUR various September lists

    = up to PR 9 is normal daily with MANY links in the range of PR 6-9 every single day even hourly for regular SER-only users!

    by using SER only - without SB
    thousands of high PR links are found and made on a large number of quality platforms from countries across the globe
    using SER built in FREE lst search as well as built in SER scraper

    for a novice that is much more valuable to start with

    there is NO value nor need to link to LOWEST PR sites - specially for newbies on virgin sites = yu want quality links!!
    even for Tiers = why would you offer (link) crap PR sites to THOSE sites that offer you FREE BLs and thus support YOUR success in SEO ??

    specially for newbies who may have to start link-building / article distribution slowly with 10-50 so new links per day ...
    it is easy and much better to limit PR to 3 or even much higher as a minimum
    as a newbie on a new site, I would limit SER to submit to PR6+ only for projects and PR3-4 for Tiers
    there are PLENTY OF high quality sites out there if you need less than a few hundred unique links every day for all your projects/Ts

    for a NEW SB user like me, the list is a perfect resource to START to create your OWN unique target site list of TEN thousands of LIVE sites with PR up to 9 on high quality sites around the world.

    for SER newbies
    look at above and make your own sound decisions
    use SER with all built in features,
    even on SLOW www connection with average of 256-512 kBs
    you can succeed to build your own link list from scratch

    besides verified links in sufficient numbers for my small ((4 projects, 3 T1) growing activities
    I have accumulated some 365'134 identified links, sorted by engines by SER built-in features and recently also SB)

    and now run mostly without SE, just on global list
    and add new targets to individual projects AND/OR to global site list

    OTHERS may have made different experiences
    or have different methods to find new target sites

    for me I am quiet happy to have this list to start my own SB creativity
    it is a once in a lifetime investment to speed up the beginning of submission / target finding
  • edited September 2013
    Hello Hans,

    FIrst of all I'd like to thank you for purchasing the package I've created. Also I really appreciate  the review you did based on your experience. I like talking facts.


    ScrapeBox Lists: September_AutoApprove_Mainlist_PR.txt

    This is the main list of auto approve blog list that can be used mainly with ScrapeBox, GSA SER or any other blog commenting software.

    All other auto approve blog lists (AutoApprove Dofollow, AutoApprove Edu Gov, AutoApprove HighPR) are simply lists categorized from the main lists so users can use them easily. That's why you found so many duplicates. So for example if someone wants to insert in GSA SER only High PR lists should not wait to enter all 100000 (100K list )but simply introduce the AutoApprove_HighPR lists that contain only PR1+ urls.IF another wants to introduce only auto approve dofollow blog links simply enter the AutoApprove_DoFollow.txt only file.

    This SB lists are great and trust me as I'm trying to move the packages in the more quality lists directions like Web 2.0, Article Dirs, Wiki, Social Blogs, Social Bookmarking I have a lot of users that contact me asking for more auto approve blog lists as they are getting great results using autoapprove lists.


    I focus on this package in Higher Quality Link Types of GSA Like: Article Dirs, Social Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Video Sites, Wiki that's why you have not found more platforms. I do not support and try to avoid sites like Guestbooks, Image comment, Exploit, Cpanel stats even if GSA support them. I have users that use my packages with SenukeXCR  that do not support this kind of sites and there is a good reason for it as in my opinion this sites produce little to no link value so I think there is a loose of time, money and resources to target this sites. However if live tests will prove me wrong I can change this.

    Low PR sites

    If now a site have PR0 doesn't mean in future will not have PR 3,4,5+. When you post on a PR0 sites two things can happen: That website will disappear anytime in future as the admin do not have interest maintaining a low PR site or that website will be developed in future and will increase  its rankings to higher PR like 4 or 5 and then your backlink posted one year?! ago become a good one.

    As somebody posted here earlier another market factor is Domain Authority from that's updated more frequently than PR and I've seen a lot of sites with PR 0 but DA of 20+ which is a pretty good for a site.

    That's why I do not avoid PR0 sites.

    Also you said that you build, and advice others, to build their own link lists. As I've said earlier I have nothing against it. However If there will be someone that will sell lists exactly like I do I will instantly spend $29 instead of loosing hundreds (literally) of hours and hundreds of dollars on Dedicated servers, private proxies and captcha credits.
    I build this lists first of all for me and for my members. So I sell a product that I use myself.

    "for me I am quiet happy to have this list to start my own SB creativity
    it is a once in a lifetime investment to speed up the beginning of submission / target finding"

    In closing I really thank you for taking the time to review the product and I hope my message will clear some of your doubts.  Also I got some of your suggestions and I will implement them in next packages.

    Thank you

  • there are no doubts - never have been
    facts and numbers speak for itself
    why take a PR N/A or PR0 now - hoping in 5 years its PR4 may be
    if NOW you can get numerous PR 5-9 sites daily ... for free ...

    God bless
  • edited September 2013
    Personally I'm against bulding only High PR backlinks as I consider this as being a major footprint. None of the top ranking sites have only high Pr backlinks.

    Enough talking let's see the facts. Using a paid ahrefs account and ScrapeBox I've anaysed two backlinking profiles. Hans I dont know in wich niche you activate so I've picked two niches:

    1) FINANCE, Keyword used was forex trading
    SITE: 2nd in Google after Wikipedia (which ranks without backlinks) is FXCM - commercial company -

    2432 Unique Domains Backlinks 


    2) LOCAL NICHE, Keyword used was laptop repair london
    SITE:2nd in Google after Map Listings is

    33 Unique Domains Backlinks


    In both cases around 30% of backlinks come from PR0 domains.

    So if you take this as two NATURAL BUILD Backlinks Profiles we can conclude that we should also build backlinks on PR 0 as well. So that's another reason why we have them in the list. 
  • we do have different opinions n that topic
    and there is no need to elaborate on that any further
    there is work to be done

    if a site has already a few or many TEN thousands of BLs
    the majority will be from low PR sites = poor neighborhood

    all free of charge by the many free useless onlne services
    or by hobby bloggers and hobby forums

    most of the anchors are useless / nonsense words = zero helpful for SERPS

    authority sites need links from top quality sites

    the ultimate goal of article sharing / content sharing by SER is to create MORE generic traffic from quality communities, quality sites, etc

    currently my SE-traffic is 15-25 % max
    that is the result of more than 12 yrs conscious quality link building = content sharing to maintain FREEDOM from SE dependency

    my site existed long before G (since 1997)
    and now that my site is on a (self)modified domain-parking with only some 60 pages (vs some 40'000 entry URL according to access_stats until closure of my servers)

    the content will live long after G

    google "invented" PR
    now G has to live with its consequences (karma)

    if we search G for top 100 pages on high traffic important KWs
    we appear to find more HIGH PR sites than PR=N/A or PR 0

    A certain PR and higher usually is the result of a site owner = webmaster caring for his site and MOST likely having a decent host = server minimum quality and uptime

    while - according to my manual verification of some 20'000 article directory sites
    many (most?) of the sites visited where on slow cheap hosting or free hosting, free hosting = limited monthly traffic (4-6 GB usually) and such sites are down as early as BEFORE mid month due to quota exceeded

    sites with higher PR = faster loading = better overall performance because the site OWNER actually INVESTED some $, time, efforts and care = better (professional) neighborhood vs cheap free stuff

    many LOW PR sites are MFA sites
    specially in article sites
    = owners who want to earn adsense revenue without having to work/create content = lazy ppl = too lazy wto actually WORK if needed day and night to establish a basis of useful/helpful life serving OTHERS

    different purpose and goal in life results in different approach to wisely use existing resources
    for the wellbeing of all creation \or
    at the expense of all others

    each one makes his own decisions and thus creates his own future
    with or w/o negative karma
    with or w/o future challenges and lessons in life

    God bless
  • Can someone please tell me where to learn more about the Slow Poster Module?

    Thank you in advance...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @localmarketingpros - You try Youtube? There's bound to be 1,000 videos covering SB by now. :)
  • I did @s4nt0s, but did not find much....hard to tell who is sharing opinion and who is sharing experience.
  • Hello guys. 
    Thank you s4nt0s for stepping in my topic and answering the question.

    localmarketingpros, since ver 16.0 SlowPoster and Fast Poster as we know them no longer exist as it have been integrated into new Poster Platform of ScrapeBox. This new poster can now leave backlinks on over 24 different platforms (blogs, guest books, image comment ) My October 2013 links pack is 100% compatible and is the only on the market that have all the new platforms supported by ScrapeBox.

    If you have any specific questions on the poster module feel free to ask.

  • What should i do after i was download ?
  • I'm really surprised about this service! This service is much better Nuclear Link Indexer, Xindexer that I have ever used!
    How can i upgrape my account ScrapeBrokers ?
  •  ScrapeBrokers ! you still support ? 
  • Thank you @ScrapeBrokers!  Quick you offer a coupon for GSA forum members on your monthly plan?

    Love the service!
  • Hello guys. I've sent both of you a PM. Sorry for late.
  • Hi. I'm interested by your lists. When we're willing to order, October lists are in the cart. Is that normal ? What about November lists ?
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