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option for tier 2 to not build links to certain platforms

Hey, an option for tier 2 and 3 to AVOID building backlinks to platforms where link moves would be nice!
Could you somehow make an option to avoid certain guestbook platforms and other that moves?


  • SvenSven
    Why don't you uncheck the platforms than? Right click on the engine selection box to use it.
  • I would still like those tier 1 backlinks as they are great, I just don't want my tier 2 to link to the tier 1 engines with a page that moves
  • are you building links to a guestbook post? i am understanding?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @supermanden Mate, just uncheck the platforms you don't want...

    Is this thread a troll?
  • I think he is saying that for Tier 2, only build backlinks TO certain platforms. For example, Tier 1 backlinks includes Social, Bookmarks and Blogs, Tier 2 is the kitchen sink, but only build backlinks to Social and Bookmarks from Tier 1 and not Blogs.. I just split the projects, running a separate project just for Blog links and don't bother to build tier links.. Not sure if many people would use the feature and how much work it would be to implement, but I would use it
  • " Tier 2, only build backlinks TO certain platforms" OF the tier 1 links...
    Exactly what I am requesting.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    I think its a good idea, that way you can block building links to forum profiles,
  • Not trying to change the subject here, but what links would you want to, or not want to build backlinks to?

    I have my campaigns set up into contextual (articles) and All Other.  I normally kitchen sink the contextual links and dont bother with ALL other. In your opinion should we be juicing up other types of links than articles?
  • @sven
    I too would appreciate such a feature to restrict where a link in a tier is linking TO

    having a bookmark or guestbook or comment link in a project is fine (IMO)

    but I surely would want to avoid linking in a tier TO an existing bookmark or TO guestbook or TO a comment link

    in the worst of all cases the current situation could result in a (tiers1-2) bookmark linking to another bookmark etc. such linking the crap out of WWW is making our all www worst than it already is!

    I have on ALL levels (incl teirs)  quality human readable and useful articles and each link should make sense and be useful for a reader

    where (what engine) to build links / entries is clearly defined
    the linking TO is fully UN-configured
  • I think splitting is the way to go. T2 for contextual/fixed, and T2A for bookmarks/blogs
    then T3 links only to T2 and not T2A

  • That does in no way answer or solution to above OP
    nor solve existing OTHER ways of using SER
    I prefer quality ALL the way on all levels
  • @sven

    may be there is a misunderstanding of OP request

    links ON certain platforms = easy to control as is NOW


    OP (and me) ask for control to avoid linking TO certain platform on higher tiers TO lower T or project

    very different option/feature from anything we have (to my knowledge)
    and very useful to improve quality OF LINKS-structure and link-targets


    link category 1.
    • a bookmark linking TO a bookmark = no sense
    • a blog comment linking TO a blog comment = no sense
    • a guestbook entry linking to a guestbook entry = no sense

    link category 2.
    • a bookmark on all levels linking to a money site or site-page or quality article = perfectly useful
    • a blog comment on all levels linking to a site or page or article = perfectly useful
    • a guestbook on all levels linking to a site or page or article = perfectly useful
    since 16+ yrs my SEO-goal is that every link clicked by a human needs to lead to something valuable, useful and helpful = generic traffic FREE from SEs

    after all there is a WWW world with/FOR real humans WITHOUT google and major SE
    = there is REAL generic traffic possible from every useful LINK to a valuable page / site / article.
    my own traffic since many yrs LESS than 25% from SE
    majority from quality links OR bookmarks

    such a feature could use exactly SAME layout as the one YOU created to control link-types built ON certain platforms
    except that it controls LINK TO certain link types of entire link-building structure

  • SvenSven
    next version let's you define that and more filters for tier projects
  • Exactly Hans, glad you could explain it better than me :).
    Nice sven, would love that sweet update!

    Glad you listen to feature requests - I have a lot of ideas.
  • :) I love that coming feature
  • Thanks for the update Sven. There seem to be a bug however...
    I just checked all my tier 2's and the checkmark from "use only URL's from the following engines:" has been removed on all of them!

    Not sure how this could happen, maybe it gets removed when GSA SER updates?
  • SvenSven
    ok was a visual bug only. the settings should still be there.
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