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Hey peeps,

This has been bugging me for a while now, when ever my sitelists is finished, I set my campaign to verify links, my threads shoot all the way down to 3 - 10 and only seem to verify like 10 - 20 links per minutes, it's painfully slow, I never remembered verifying taking this long and using such little threads before..

any ideas?


  • SvenSven
    can you make a screenshot when this is happening to see the timings and what it actually does?
  • Tim89Tim89
    sure @sven
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2013
  • SvenSven
    Hmm that screenshot doesn't look that awful to me. It might slow down a bit when it finds a link verified to get extra data for that (PR, country, maybe search for detailed URL). But thats it. Do you see it slowing down in that case or even if no link is found?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Normally I run at around 600 threads on average, I set verifies to disabled so I can manaully set them to verify at later dates, maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing the log going so fast while at 600 threads..

    But when I set my projects to verify, it doesn't use all 600 threads at all, even when at its peak, you're correct, it does slow down to around 1-10 threads whilst it's doing its thing finding emails etc, but then when it speeds up for a second or two, the threads only increase to around 100 and then goes back down to 10 - 50..

    It's hard to explain..
  • I'm experiencing same, here's a screenshot from my setup. Threads in options are set to 100 when you look at the times, verification is really slow. This is actually the automatic verification step after the list is finished, so project status was still set to 'active':

  • goonergooner
    This is happening to me also, i noticed it a week or so ago. I'm fairly new to SER, so i just assumed this was normal during verification?
  • SvenSven
    Well it is normal. When checking e-mails e.g. it can simply only query the provider for new emails, check them one after each other and verify extracted URLs (thats threaded again). But really, some things can not be improved. If you do not verify only, than it is even using the remaining threads during email verification for further submissions.
  • Sven from your knowledge, is it faster to do it all in active mode or run the list, set to verify emails, then verify only, and back to active for the last submission run ?
  • SvenSven
    depends, but I see no reason to use it only for verify when it can do submissions as well when having it's free slots.
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