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Update 6.52 [Warning]

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I've just updated and it has changed all my settings back to default, everything.

some of my tier'd projects have been deleted and the tier'd aspect of some projects have been wiped, for example I set up a 7 tier structure and 4 tiers do no correspond to that project, they have been moved to root rather than the corresponding tier, all articles have been deleted from those projects too!

I sat there for the best part of this week setting up those campaigns and the majority of them have gone after this update+!""_£L@FD!!';~


  • SvenSven
    WOW thats pure BS! I don't know what you did, but nothing got deleted or modified without your interaction.
  • I've noticed that my LPM plummeted from 35 to 5 after updating to this version, not sure if it's a blip or connected.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @sven Ye that is bs lol
  • SvenSven
    should that be sarcasm? Back to school than. Seriously, THIS WAS NOT DONE BY GSA SER.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @sven seriously mate I wouldn't make it if it didn't happen.. I updated, restarted ser and boom it was all gone!?

    I've just spent today redoing what I did all of yesterday..
  • @Sven has anyone else asked about LPM and this update? Haven't changed my projects but the LPM has dropped so much I'm not sure if it's something that I've done.
  • SvenSven

    @Tim89 why do you think SER would delete project files or delete articles verified sites? Thats just not happening. Either it was you (e.g. multi edit projects by popup menu) or you eneabled re-verify with dead proxies. SER simply can't do this on its own.

    @baldonius with every version you have people saying lpm drop, others say it increases. Im not listening to this a lot. 

  • Tim89Tim89
    @sven that's fair enough mate, I've had the program for almost a year and this has never happened before, I'm not doubting what your saying is true, I'm just stating what happened to me..

    Everything is back to how it was, had to redo all my campaigns but it was only time lost nothing important.
  • edited September 2013
    I have 12 projects loaded into GSA SER right now - each have 5 tiers. I ran them all night last night after Update 6.52 through the scheduler: 3 projects for 60 minutes than switch to next 3 for 60 minutes. All my campaigns remained in tact after the update (including the 6.53 update today) - all tiers remained set up correctly.

    I ran all night as stated above with only 50 threads, 50 semi-dedicated proxies, 180 on HTML timeout - and all tiers marked to not post to same URL twice - with a massive global URL and Word Filter List on top of that. What's more is all Tier 1s set to not post to unknown PR (PR from Domain) - and I didn't use any captcha service other than GSA Captcha Breaker. I used global site lists and all English engines as well to scrape for new URLs to post to.

    Woke up to over 16,000 verified links made while I slept.

    I've only been using these GSA tools since July this year. Never had an issue yet.
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