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Why so few submissions/verifications - my criteria too strict?

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I've been running GSA on different criteria and I'm not sure if this is why I've been getting fewer submissions/verifications. Let me share what I'm doing:

1) I don't use private proxies but get the program to get public proxies
2) I put threads at 10 (should I increase this? - my cpu power is not a problem as it's fast, just not sure if I should limit the threads since I'm currently not using private proxies)
3) I'm using the new scheduler to run 2 projects and change after 30 mins - I have about 15 projects in all (I can't imagine running only 2 projects at once would limit the submissions since you're just devoting more resources to the 2 projects right)
4) I skip sites with more than 50 outgoing links on one page (not sure if I should change it to 75 or 100 to get more links)
5) I skip sites with unknown PR and PR below 3 (Domain PR)
6) Most of my projects are using forum, guestbook, image, web 2.0, blog and some are also using articles
7) In 12 hours I've only got about 200 submissions
8) Captcha sniper (just bought the program) has only solved 128 captchas the last 12 hours.

I'm wondering if the low submissions is because my criteria is too strict? I'm especially thinking about the 50 outgoing links and skipping PR below 3 (domain). What should I change? Or is it also partly due to the keywords I put in. Should I put in more like hundreds of keywords?

Also, I thought captcha sniper would be used more often. I see people going through thousands of captchas of captcha sniper. Why is mine so low? Also because of the criteria?

Thanks for comments. Much appreciated


  • - public proxies decrease your submission rate significally
    - 10 threads is very low. when i used public proxies in the beginning i increased the threads a lot as public proxies tend to just idle without using any bandwith at all. increase threads to 30 and take a look how your bandwith reacts. use a tool like "NetSpeedMonitor" to monitor your bandwith
    - your filter settings are very strict which is not bad, but you won't get that much backlinks. especially when OBL is only 50 and PR is +3. try to filter for PR+1 and see how its going
    - there are not that many article sites with PR+1. don't expect to get many backlinks from that with the exception of the wiki-sites.
    - CS settings should be "use captcha platform for detection" with no captchas selected in case you didn't know that

  • SvenSven
    point 1 and 5 might limit the success dramatically.
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    Thanks Ozz and Sven,

    I've changed the settings. Yes, I got CS set correctly.

    So the number of keywords (I have below 100) wouldn't be a big issue right? Do you think I ought to put hundreds in? Thanks.

    Also, I think I'm going to get 10 private proxies - how many threads would be good for that?
  • You have to increase your keywords for the search engines sometime. Many of us use +10k keywords to avoid the situation that no SE will give you any new target URLs to post to.

    With 10 proxies you can handle at least 20 threads and should increase threads when you feel that it might be working out for you.
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